Unprecedented Strike-Rates and Profits

On Saturday (22nd June) no Elite member could have lost no matter what they chose to bet on.

Today I will show you, in crystal clear fashion, that following the simple instructions is paying off and that backing runners away from the recommended strategies is a waste of money.

In last Wednesday’s newsletter we refreshed everyone’s memories as to where to find instruction, analysis and clear direction as to the recommended ways to make money from your Elite raceday information.
Links to lots of recent newsletters made sure that no member could possibly be in the dark on raceday.

The following table lists every conceivable way one could have bet. All of these bets are listed on your raceday email (and online) ready to bet.
Keep in mind, nearly all members are betting on TOP-RATIO $100+ qualifiers AND the FILTERS (Mel Filters and Syd Filters).

Melbourne Sat 22nd June 2019.

Betting on ALL Top-raters is not recommended. The ones that do not make the cut for either Top-Ratio $100 bets OR the Filters strategy are really kicking against a gale.
Some, like Holy Blade for example, are considered so dangerous that we can bet against them (third rater, Milwaukee (Won $5.00) was a 2-3-4 Filter bet against Holy Blade and was the only non top-rated bet for the day).
But, even if one did back ALL Top-Raters at Flemington, there was a slight profit.

We are surely all on the same page with the Top-Ratio less than $100 bets. It was all spelt out yet again last week that these low percentage bets are not worth it and that the Filters is a much more reliable option.
Still, if anyone was in backem-all mode they made a nice profit on Saturday.

The Top-Ratio $100+ bets are recommended and they did not disappoint again on Saturday .

Larry’s Best is popular with some members. On Saturday I could only find an even money shot ($2.15 best Flucts) Chouxting The Mob. He took the whole straight but got there in the end, thanks Damien.

Many members operate a bank on the Larry and Ric Private Filters (Elite-Top). No qualifiers on Saturday.

The Mel Filters made 43% profit from the 2 winners from five bets.

The last row of the table shows the Top-Rated selections that did not make the cut for either Top-Ratio $100 OR the Filters Strategy. They made a profit on Saturday but as you read on you will understand the folly of backing these rejected Top-Raters.

So even the naughty students up the back had a win on Saturday no matter what method came out of their hat.

Same deal for Sydney.

Sydney Sat 22nd June 2019.
Rates And Profit, Unprecedented Strike-Rates and Profits

Profits across the board as Ric keeps up his amazingly accurate ratings, especially in the races that count.

That’s a one day analysis which doesn’t mean that much except that Elite is providing exceptional tips in this period of wildly varying track conditions.

When you extend the analysis over all of June, our recommendations and warnings start to make their case.



Melbourne ALL OF JUNE 
Rates And Profit, Unprecedented Strike-Rates and Profits

See the cracks appearing in the areas where we don’t bet. This is exactly what you would expect with this extra data.

Rates And Profit, Unprecedented Strike-Rates and Profits

The pattern in Sydney is similar when you look at all of June. The top-rated rejects down the bottom are losing heaps in Mel and Syd.
That’s good. Our methods to identify high-risk top-raters is working and I would hope that we have explained enough times to prevent any losses on them.

Why list the rejects? Every race that we rate has to have a top pick. At this most basic level (every top-rated tip) we can boast a significant levels stakes profit year after year. That doesn’t mean you have to bet on all of them. We’ve done all the work on that race and many members need to know our rated order for multis, overlays, place betting or any other strategy they may have decided to employ.


OK, we’ve got a trend happening but does that continue if we go further back in time?

Past 10 Meetings

Here is the same analysis for the past 10 meetings which is as far back we can go for the ‘live’ Filter bets.

Rates And Profit, Unprecedented Strike-Rates and Profits

You can see clearly where the profits are and that the rejects, although virtually break-even, are not worth the risk.
We’ve included Top-Zone this time. There was only one bet in June. This plan has been struggling to find bets in this high-risk period and is a little too conservative for most members who are enjoying the higher action of the Top-Ratio $100+ and Filters concept. Usually when the Top-Zone is rejecting everything, it is tough for any of the other plans to prosper but the Top-Ratio and Filters made excellent profits regardless.

Rates And Profit, Unprecedented Strike-Rates and Profits

Similar stats and trends for Sydney. The strike-rates Ric is achieving for the main strategies are incredible.

Let’s put it altogether.

Melbourne AND Sydney Last 10 meetings.
Rates And Profit, Unprecedented Strike-Rates and Profits

Now that is one awesome set of stats if I say so myself. The Top-Ratio $100+ and the Filters Strategy combined to make more than $6,000. Just look at the strike rates!

I feel for those members who bailed out in March and early April but we did tell them.

You’ve stuck and that’s the main thing.