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16% Bank Gain on Saturday!

What a difference a day makes! Elite Racing horse racing tips win again.
Two big movers this week were:

The Platinum members’ E4 January bets have gone from break-even to + 16% bank growth.

Syd Combo was up 2.2%. Now its Jan growth is 18%.


The most pleasing point is that, from feedback received, most members are sticking to the plan with a real bank.
You have reaped the reward for discipline and patience. These days can come along at any time.


There are two more meetings to come in Jan (Thursday and Saturday).
Let’s kick them while they are down and push that capital gain for Jan even higher.

Elite Racing horse racing tips win again, 16% Bank Gain on Saturday!


Elite Transparency


Most racing services do not provide results. Most would not even know what happened with their tips last Saturday.
As far as we can tell, we and just one other service provide results of our betting strategies to the public as well as members.
That other service has a new website and their public listing of the results has disappeared. Wonder why?

We encourage members to study, check, audit, analyse the results we provide.
They are intended to give the ultimate confidence in the product you are subscribing to. Check your bets to see if you are getting it right.

We list the results of the qualifying bets that were actually provided at the time as well as the past results of the strategy’s current algorithm that we are using now. No smoke and mirrors, just accurate, auditable data. Hell, we even provide the actual algorithms for many of our strategies.

All this takes a lot of extra time and effort and is provided as a free extra, not a guaranteed part of any subscription. Please be patient if the results of any given strategy get behind.


Where are the results?

Here is where you will find the data for the main strategies for each Elite Racing memberships:



Platinum E4 Results page

E4 Betting 2021-2023  Pdf to Jan 21st 2023

E4-Online Excel to 21st Jan 2023 (Includes As-listed worksheet)



Melbourne Results page

Elite-Combo MEL As Listed 2020-2023 Pdf to 21st January 2023
Note: Mel Combo pauses in Oct through Cup week at Flemington. Replaced for Mel members by Platinum E4 bets during that period.

Elite-Combo Mel Current Algorithm 2017-2023 Pdf To Jan 21st 2023

Mel-PRO Live As-Listed Aug 2022 to Jan 21st 2023 Pdf

Mel-PRO current algo 2021-2023 Pdf


You can also source and analyse all the Mel data via the Master Data Spreadsheet which is updated online on race morning as well as after the raceday has been completed.

Master-Data-MEL-2023 Excel Uploaded Jan 21st PM

18 Years of Top-Rated Results!

Top-Rated-2004-2023 Excel.

Every Top-Rated Melbourne Tip for 18 years since Jan 2004 (up to Jan 21st 2023).
Includes 18-year-proven filter.
Did you know that ALL Melbourne top-rated tips are almost $2,000 in profit from a $100 level bet this year already? Not a bad base for the main strategies.



Sydney Results Page

Combo Betting Syd 2020-2023 AS LISTED Pdf to Jan 21st 2023

Combo Sydney 2020-2023 Current Algorithm Pdf to Jan 21st 2023


Elite is Unique

You are a member of a unique racing service. Not only do we provide winning selections with winning strategies, we offer complete, auditable transparency.
Any other service that was winning would do the same, wouldn’t they? Of course, but instead they go down the Bookie-Affiliate route to make their money as a percentage of their clients betting losses. The more their clients lose, the more commission those services make.
If you see a service that promotes or links to bookies, run for your life!


Which Membership?

A Platinum membership is clearly the best Elite membership package because it has the Platinum E4 Betting Strategy as well as complete professional access to Melbourne and Sydney services. Lots of members have their main bank for the E4 bets and apply separate banks to their choice/s of other strategies from Syd and Mel.


Thanks for your feedback, we love hearing your stories of smashing the bookies!

Larry and Richard