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Elite Racing Horse Racing Tips March 2024 Strategy Results

March provided very nice profits across the board for Elite Racing horse racing tips members.

We have win strategies for each membership package and all produced a profit in March.
Most members have the Platinum package so have access to all the five win-betting strategies. However, some members are content with just a one state membership.


Nationwide March

Nationwide was the star Elite performer in March regardless of which plan you have chosen (Nat-Best or Sweet-Spot Combo).

Nationwide Best March 2024 (As-Listed)

28 bets, 9 winners. 32% @ 3.50.

Bet $2710, Return $4077,

Profit $1367 (+ 50% Profit).

That is great but you will remember that in mid-March, we took the decision to eliminate possible bets if they were not 1.0% or higher.


The March total above includes 13 less than 1.0% bets which ALL Lost.

Without those profit-sucking minnow bets, the stats are:

15 bets, 9 winners. 60% @ 3.50.

Bet $1980, Return $4077, Profit $2,097. (+ 106% Profit).


Nationwide Sweet-Spot Combo March 2024 (As-Listed)

23 bets, 10 winners. 43% winners @ 3.38.

Bet $2790, Return $4325, Profit $1,535. (+ 55% Profit).


Some members ask if it is practicable to grab the qualifiers from both Nat-Best and Nat-Combo and apply their bank to the combined list.

Here we have put the whole list of March Nat-Best and Nat-Combo qualifiers into a single list so that you can see how that looks.


All March Nat-Best and Nat-Combo in one list:

Elite Racing Horse racing Tips, Elite Racing Horse Racing Tips March 2024 Strategy Results

In March, the only single-source winner was Daytona Bay (Combo only). We will study in more depth and report.



Melbourne only members bet on the Mel-Combo bets as listed ready to bet on each raceday message.


March Mel Combo:

14 bets for 5 winners 36% @ $3.09. Net profit of $218 (+10.4%).

The unusually short odds of the winners in March stifled the profit.



Sydney only members bet on the Syd-Combo bets as listed ready to bet on each raceday message.


March SYD Combo:

6 bets for 2 winners 33% @ $3.45 Net profit of $230 (+23%).

Very quiet month for Syd but Serpentine’s gutsy win at $3.90 was a great way to finish the month.


Of course, all the Mel and Syd combo bets are sourced by the Platinum E4 strategy. Platinum members do not need to operate the Mel and/or Syd combo plans separate to the E4 strategy.



Platinum E4 March

The unification of Platinum E4 and Monster Bets was completed mid-March. We have been betting on the E4 strategy in real life with a $10k bank since then.
We list the actual bet slips  (on the race-morning messages) so members can follow, compare, audit and simply be sure that these profits that we list are real.

8 winners from 25 bets. 32% @ $3.56.
Bet $3000, return $3,588, Profit $588 (+ 20%).

Our $10,000 verification bank sits at $10,588 after just a couple of weeks.
$100 a meeting is not bad considering we haven’t had one of our famous ‘big’ days in that time.


Here are the actual bet slips:

Platinum E4 Bets March 30th 2024 $10k Bank RESULTED Pdf

Platinum E4 Bets March 27th $10k Bank RESULTED Pdf

Platinum E4 Actual Bets March 23rd 2024 $10k Bank RESULTED Pdf

Platinum E4 Actual Bets 10k bank March 16th 2024 RESULTED Pdf

Platinum E4 Bets March 13th 2024 $10k Bank RESULTED Pdf


The bottom line is that whichever Elite Racing strategy you were using in March, you were a big winner!


Thank you all for the great feedback.



Larry and Richard.