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The Science of betting – Odds comparison

So, you have received your selections from Elite, now it is time to place your bets.

This can be very confronting, not only do you have dozens of bookmakers and TABs to choose from. Each bookmaker has their own type of Horse Racing odds and their own set of bet types/promotions.

These promotions will be made unavailable to you as soon as you start showing disciplined, restrained, and profitable betting habits. So, we can only rely on the main offerings to be there for you long term. These include:

Fixed Odds

When you place a bet using Fixed Odds, it means that price is locked in for your bet, regardless of how the odds change. Fixed Horse Racing odds can be beneficial if the price shortens on the racehorse you bet on. This won’t affect you, as your price is locked in.

Top Tote

Top Tote is the best of the three Totes, “Super TAB”, “NSW TAB” and “Tatts”. You don’t know what odds you are receiving until the actual dividend is be displayed after correct weight is declared

Best Tote and Start Price

This is the best of the three Totes, “Super TAB”, “NSW TAB” and “Tatts”, or Starting Price, whichever is greater. Just like Top Tote, the actual dividend is unknown until after correct weight is declared. Betfair also calls it “Best of 4”.

Starting Price (SP)

The Starting Price is the average of the on-course bookmakers at the start of each race. The price is not released until after the race.

Top Fluc

Top Fluc is short for Top Fluctuation. It is the best price recorded from the betting ring during official betting on the race. That period usually starts about 25 minutes before start time. Top Fluc betting is offered by bookmakers up to thirty minutes prior to each race.

Best of 5

This is offered by Betfair Australia. The Best of 5 product is available at selected major Saturday meets and includes the Best of 4 plus the Betfair Exchange Starting Price, whichever is greater.


“Best of the Best” is available through a few bookmakers. It offers you the greater of the three totes or Top Fluc. Probably the most sought after offering out there.