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The Perfect Professional Betting Strategy

Have we developed horse racing’s perfect professional betting strategy?

Melbourne MASTER-Bets

We advised in May that this was the plan that Platinum E4 strategy would source for its Melbourne input.

We are only seven weeks in but the live Mel Master Bets’ 47% strike-rate and 140% net profit is even better than the long term.
That is great assurance that the awesome 2021-2023 stats in the spreadsheet will continue.
The formula (algorithm) is of course included for spreadsheet-using members.

Mel Master Bets 2021-2023 Pdf


The Perfect Strategy

We have always been 100% committed to developing the Perfect Professional Betting Plan for members
The qualities that we consider make the perfect strategy are:

  • 50% Strike-Rate
  • More than 100 bets per year
  • $4.00+ average winning odds

If you can accomplish that, you have a strategy that will average 100% net profit on every bet and a level 1.0% bet will double the bank in a year.
The Mel Master-Bet algorithm is very close. In fact, apart from just falling short on strike-rate, it is out-performing the other two essential measures.


Here are the Mel Master-Bets stats for 2021, 2022 and 2023:

  • 324 bets in 30 months = 130 bets per year
  • 46.9% Strike-Rate
  • $4.10 average winning odds
  • Level Stakes Profit rate: +95.4%

Mel Master Bets 2021-2023 Pdf


So, despite the strike rate sitting at a few percent below 50%, the actual effect of more than 100 bets per year combined with the $4.10 average odds, means that the bank more than doubles each year with a 1% level bet on all.

Some will say dream on, but you only have to look at the E4 performance AS-LISTED on each race-day morning this season, just completed, to see that we already have provided a strategy in real time that increased the bank by 76.4%.

There is a lot of dead wood included in those live results – we have since eradicated those weak areas, mostly during 2023.

Since the change over to the Mel Master-Bets for Platinum E4 input in May, the E4 bank has grown 36.3% in just nine live meetings. Seven winning days from nine!


Platinum E4 since change over to Mel-Master bets.

Perfect professional betting strategy, The Perfect Professional Betting Strategy

Click here for complete Platinum E4 Results 



We will never claim to have the perfect plan. Any strategy can be improved and we are totally dedicated to that relentless strive for perfection on your behalf.
You pay us to improve your punting outcomes and we work hard and long to make sure that we do exactly that.
We’ve been around for a while and we are proud of the massive capital gains produced, especially in the season just completed. We are just getting warmed up!


Thank you!

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and positive feedback throughout the season.We will never take it for granted.

We appreciate the consistent theme from members that we are providing an honest, professional, winning  service in a market place that has more shonky tipsters and bookies than ever.
It is easier for us to assert our point of difference but harder for punters to wade through that minefield to find us.


Larry and Richard.


Master Bets in the Master Data Spreadsheet.

You’ll find the Mel Master Betting data in columns BW-BZ of the spreadsheet.

Perfect professional betting strategy, The Perfect Professional Betting Strategy