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Elite Racing Platinum E4 Racing Strategy, True Professional Punting

Members were notified of the most recent upgrade to the E4 algorithm on the May 27th raceday message.
More detail was included in the June 5th Newsletter:

Platinum E4 Professional Horse Racing Strategy Pdf

After six consecutive winning days which accumulated $4,095 net profit, Saturday was the first losing day for the current algorithm.

Platinum E4 Live As-Listed 2023

Elite Racing E4 Professional Punting Racing Strategy, Elite Racing Platinum E4 Racing Strategy, True Professional Punting
Elite Racing Professional Betting Strategy Platinum E4 Results

Mind you, the previous algorithm also produced six consecutive winning days from 25th March to 29th April.
That period won $3,495 before those three consecutive losing days in May that gave up $510.


Winning and Losing

However, even with a proven powerful strategy like the E4, there are losing runs.

2023 started great, amassing $2985 net profit from Jan 1st to Feb 18th. But then that bad run set in where it gave up $2580 in that five-meeting run of -$750, -$1500, +$45, -$75 and -$300. Of course, some members quit during that run and have missed the $6,630 net profit since then.

Had the current algorithm been in place for that bad period, the loss would have still been very serious: – $2,100 instead of – $2580.


We are pointing out these fluctuations in fortune for two reasons.


Firstly, we have members who get very jittery after one losing day, so four losses in five meetings was always going to be too much for them.

I just hope they found a service that won at twelve of the next sixteen meetings at an average of +$633 for each winning meeting v – $240 average at the four losing days.


Secondly, we have many new members who took the place of the drop-offs right when the amazing rebound started. I am just as worried for them because all they have seen is three months of wallet-filling bliss.

Knowing that the law of averages meant a losing day or three was on the way, we have been adding little warnings in recent raceday messages, urging members to stick to the percentages. In the case of E4 that is 1.5%.


Unique Warning

I know it is unheard of for a racing service to warn members that we can’t win every week but a false sense of security in punting can lead to disastrous decisions.

Deciding one race morning that you are going to have a real crack is un-Elite and un-Professional and always ends badly. Please stick to the percentages and watch as your E4 bank out-performs your share and property portfolios combined.



Larry and Richard.