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Elite Platinum professional horse racing tips results

Platinum Results


Platinum members bet on the Platinum E4 professional betting strategy.

The E4 strategy was upgraded in 2024 and now includes Brisbane.
One list of bets on Saturdays, Public Holidays and Wednesday midweeks. Bets are sourced from the best of the best Combo bets from Melbourne and Sydney professional horse racing tips as well as selected Brisbane Nationwide betting strategy qualifiers.


E4-Betting 2021-2024


Platinum E4 Current Algo with LIVE RESULTS Excel Spreadsheet

Platinum E4 Current Algo 2021-2024 with LIVE RESULTS PDF

Elite Platinum membership gives full professional access to Elite Racing’s Melbourne and Sydney services and Nationwide Best service as well as the amazing Platinum membership.

Professional horse racing tips in ready-to-bet format with suggested stake.