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Elite Racing Professional Horse Racing Tips Intro-Pak

Your Elite Racing Professional Horse Racing Tips Intro-Pak has been updated and upgraded. It might be a good time to browse through to make sure you are not missing anything from your Elite Racing membership ver December 2023.

Pdf  Elite-Intro-2024

The new intro-pak PDF includes these quick links to the main topics.

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Main Plans

There have been more nice winners over recent meetings – Wednesday and Saturdays.
The Monster Bets and Nationwide Combo bets are providing extra action with high quality bets.

The Monsters had a 46% strike rate on Saturday and the Nat-Combo 40% from 16 bets overall.Nice to see great value winners at the midweeks: Sea Speedwell at $7.20 and Free To Move at $5.50 were Monster winners at the last two Wednesday meetings.

Some members are all-upping the Monsters for a place and the run of eight consecutive placings, including Torrens at $3.00+, on Saturday was a nice boost to their banks.

Nearly all qualifiers were the minimum 1.0% bets at recent meetings so looking forward to some high-strike-rate bigger percentage bets coming up.Racing has returned to some normalcy and with clear air ahead, we are very excited as to what the last eight months of this racing season will bring to Elite members.


Larry and Richard.