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Six Profitable Horse Racing Tips

Larry Taylor shares his best horse racing tips

Are you looking for the best horse racing tips to try and maximise your chance of winning and maximise your profitability? Expert horse racing tipster Larry Taylor shares his knowledge and experience with his six profitable horse racing tips for professional horse racing betting.


Establish a Betting Bank

Professional punters establish a betting bank account and consistently apply their betting budget from that account. They take care to return winnings to that same account. If you follow this practice, you can clearly see whether your approach is profitable. If you take a casual approach, bet from different accounts, and spend your winnings, you are not in a position to understand whether you are using profitable horse race betting tips or whether you need to try a new approach.


Follow A Staking Plan

A staking plan determines how much money should go on each bet. You aim to find a staking strategy that generates the best returns possible and minimises the possibility of running down your betting bank. Once you’ve decided, the stakes will stay in the same percentage range with every bet you make. Following a plan like this reduces stress and is considered a more scientific approach to building a profitable betting account.


Ask Yourself Who Profits When You Lose

Find a reputable tipping service that doesn’t have to advertise sports betting services like bookmakers on their website. These bookie-sponsors win when you lose. You are looking for an independent reputable horse tipping service where you, the customer, are their priority.


Access Quality Research

There are a lot of databases that record detailed horse racing information. If you are a tech wizard, you can crunch some of this data yourself, and some professional punters use their versions or a combination of a tipping service and their research. Other professional punters subscribe to one specialist tipping service and stick with them once they see it is working. A tipping service will create algorithms designed to calculate the value of the bets according to the myriad of variables for each race. It is a complex process for a simple, easy-to-use result.


Practice Discipline

Everyone will have hunches and gut feelings and want to place bets on those horses. Maybe you like the name. Maybe you dreamt about it. Yes, go ahead, but be honest that this is what “mug punters” do. Yes, it may be fun occasionally but don’t use your betting bank and don’t confuse these impulsive punts with the professional punting approach you are taking into your main game.


Develop Good Habits

Once you have quality information and set aside a betting bank, you bet small percentages on each qualifying bet. Stick to the plan. Be patient. This is the long game, so stay motivated during losing patches.

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Whether you are a professional punter or just starting out, these strategies will help you develop good habits that should serve you well in the long game.