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Quick Reference to Elite Components

Most members are happy to simply wait for the race-morning ready-to-bet list and not worry about all the other stuff that is available. But for those who like to look at other options this is the place to start.

The easiest way to find answers as to the components that make up your Elite membership is to click on each subject on the right hand side…

When you join…

If your goal is to bet professionally or turn your punting around, you’ve come to the right place!

We know that you have most probably had at least one bad experience with racing services in the past – poor results and no after-sales access. That is our point of difference – our selections and strategies win and we work tirelessly to make sure every member is looked after individually, after the sale. “They” get a bookie commission if you lose, we refuse to affiliate with bookies.

The Elite experience is of much higher quality than you will find anywhere else. As soon as you become an Elite member, you will feel the Elite difference. Your initial commitment is just the start of the journey, we look after you all the way.

Trust is everything. We have led the way for 30 years because we always:

  • Deliver on all promises.
  • Provide the means for members to substantiate all results and statistical claims. Our comprehensive databases of thousands of past rated races is available to all members and you are encouraged to check, audit and analyse. That can be done because the actual race morning data is recorded and uploaded online before the event. It is not touched or altered after the event other than the entry of results. The formulae for each plan is included in the massive spreadsheet so no claim can be made that cannot be checked by members. Archives of actual past race day ratings sheets go back for years, another way members can check any claim we make.

We have clients still with us today who joined in the 1980s, proof of long-term continuous excellence.

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Once you have joined up you get access to the private members’ web area. A comprehensive intro-pack covers all aspects of your membership and the how-to blogs provide extra step-by step instruction.

Recent newsletters get new members right up to date with any new suggestions or discussion.

Access to the men at the top…Need extra advice, have a problem or a query, give Richard or Larry a call. Yes, we do answer the phone in person even on Saturday mornings if you have some urgent request.


Online…The complete race day information is listed online (private members area) before 10.30am. The all-data spreadsheet (thousands of past races’ data) is uploaded with today’s data entered and set in concrete for future reference.

Email…The race morning email contains all the rac eday information and arrives before 10.30am.

Elite Racing Testimonials

Elite racing delivers as promised…

Elite consistently finds the big-priced winners that other services miss. Melbourne Racing continues to provide great value, and that is where we have accumulated our knowledge, experience and success over all these years.

There is no other way to find the big value winners that Elite is famous for. Crunching the data is a painstaking, time-consuming process carried out by highly skilled professionals who are experienced in horse racing strategy betting – not just a click on the computer.

Your membership provides you with a package of valuable information– the result of thirty years of seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year hard work and dedication to excellence. And you can access this experience for as little as $14 per week! Find out more about our membership options today. We know from experience that Elite Ratings can’t help the compulsive, undisciplined punter who is unable to stick to a plan, but if you are ready to get serious with your racing and treat punting as an investment, then you will find your best chance to win right here at Elite Ratings.

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What do you get as an elite ratings member?

Larry Taylor’s famous Elite Ratings offers quality ratings, speed maps, pricing and winning betting strategies for Melbourne horse racing. Elite has led the way for accuracy, consistency and value since 1987.

Elite members win because they have access to the most accurate horse racing tips and race day information available for Melbourne horse racing. This includes professionally assessed ratings, selections and horse racing betting strategies.

Elite operates on Saturday class meetings in Melbourne & provides you with:

  • Australia’s most profitable betting plans: Win with Win Bets, Specials, Quaddie and Multi (Trifecta | Exacta | First-4) bets – yes, we even provide multi betting strategies!
  • Elite Ratings’ Top-5 rated selections with assessed odds.
  • Unique Elite Form Ranking.
  • Unique Elite Scenario Ranking.
  • Accurate Speed Map with position in run for every horse. Like watching the video before the race!
  • Qualifiers for our powerful proven investment strategies: Ready to bet.
  • Interactive raceday spreadsheet where you can use the data in accordance with your preferences and bank.
  • Our regular newsletters – containing a wealth of information and great ways to make the most of your Elite membership.
  • Elite’s race-day information is available from about 10.30am on race-day. Online and Email.
  • There is no work to be done at your end, the ratings and specialist bets are ready to be used. Bets can be placed as soon as you retrieve the race-day message.
  • Use Elite Ratings to build your own multiple bets with the knowledge that the amazingly consistent flow of big-priced winners will boost exacta, trifecta & first-four profits – way beyond your normal expectations.
  • We are dedicated to your success. Our after-sales service is the best in the industry.

Why is Elite so successful with pace and speed maps?

Our unique and deep knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of each distance, at each Melbourne track, under every possible variable, has been gleaned from nearly 30 years of study.

It is one of Elite’s biggest advantages over the other services who talk a lot about pace but do not understand it properly. They certainly cannot hope to apply any systematic process specifically tailored to each individual race/horse scenario that can throw up numerous variables peculiar to each race.

Remember, we were producing the famous Elite Video Reports throughout the nineties long before the new age experts ‘discovered’ pace and sectionals. This constant flow of good priced winners are, in real time, producing big race day profits week after week.

What our happy clients are saying...

  • From: Brendan  > Sent: Wednesday, 27 November 2019 6:59 PM To: Elite Racing <> Subject: another very happy client!   Hi Larry & Richard Further to my comments about the fantastic service that you provide when …

    Brendan H 28th Nov 2019 (11.2019)

  • Great day again yesterday gents. I am extremely impressed with your level of service and the detail you provide. Just amazing! Cheers, Stu

    Stu May 26th 2019 (05.2019)

  • Hey Larry, As usual great communication and information. Took the family to Fiji last month on profits made through elite racing. Keep up the good work. Happy Punting Daniel S

    Daniel S May 22nd 2019 (05.2019)

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