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Eachway Master Betting Perfect Start

The Mel Eachway Master Strategy went live on January 1st 2023.

It was the perfect start. Just the one bet but it was a big winner (Corner Pocket at @4.80 and $1.70) which has increased the starting bank by 4.5%


We have updated the Intro-Pak to include the Mel Eachway Master.

Elite-Intro-2023 Pdf

Here is an updated explanation of the Eachway Master Plan which also includes some Q & A’s received so far.

Elite Eachway-Master Strategy Explained Pdf


It was good to kick off 2023 with a winning start for Mel-Pro, Mel Combo, Eachway Master and Platinum E4.

The Mel ratings were quite accurate starting 2023 with three on-top winners from six rated races and five successful multis from the six races. (Exacta, Tri and F4).

Jungle Jim was a good second-rated value winner at $14.00.


Racing gets back to some normality in the coming weeks after this ridiculous run of BM70 racing for Sat-Class prize money.
That means more and more betting possibilities for us as we move towards the Autumn carnival.