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Elite Racing’s Professional Horse Racing Strategies Entire Season AS-LISTED Results

Saturday was the final race-day of the 2022-2023 season and it was a nice top-up for the profits thanks to our Professional Horse Racing Tips and Results.

Here is the bottom line for a $10k bank for each of the main racing investment strategies (as listed race-day morning) for the entire season.
Elite punters are winning in real time.


Platinum E4 Live Betting.

Saturday’s +$270 result took the season’s net profit to $7,640.

Platinum E4-As Listed 2022-2023 Season Pdf to July 29th 2023


Mel-Combo Live Betting

Saturday won $90 so the completed season shows + $5,334.

Elite-Combo Mel Live As-Listed Current Season Pdf


Syd Combo Live Betting

Just the one bet on Saturday, $120 on King of the Castle S-R9. Beautiful ride but just got caught late.
Completed season for Syd Combo + $3,313.

Elite-Combo Syd Live As-Listed Current Season Pdf to July 29th 2023


Mel-Pro Strategy Live Betting

Busy day on Saturday with six bets (listed on the raceday pro-sheets). Flash Flood and Claideamh Mor won for a tidy $377 net profit for the day.
The as-listed Mel-Pro Strategy results are recorded in a separate worksheet within the Master Data Mel Spreadsheet.
Profit for the season: + $4,194.

Mel-PRO Live As-Listed Season 2022-2023 Pdf


The algorithms for the main plans have all been improved along the way.
The most recent half of the season has made most of the net profits (since the upgrades were put in place).
We have no doubt therefore that 2023-2024 will smash the above figures out of the park with our professional horse racing tips and results.



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