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Elite Racing Monster Professional Betting Plan

To qualify as one of Elite Racing’s professional betting strategies, the plan must have the right mix of action (turnover) and safety measures for a strong strike-rate. The Platinum E4 professional Strategy is a very selective plan where it is hard for potential qualifiers to jump through all the hoops.

Relying on just the Mel-Combo and Syd Combo contributors limits betting possibilities for the Platinum E4.

Elite Racing has strong selection algorithms away from the Mel and Syd Combo strategies.
Members are regularly asking for the best way to collate all the Elite information and provide one super-list on a raceday.

In Melbourne and Sydney we have the time-proven Elite Ratings which produce the Elite Combo strategies.

However, we now have a mass of valuable computer-based ratings data going back many years as well.
That’s from all the Mel, Syd, Bris, Adl and Perth races – Saturdays and midweeks.

Last Saturday for example, we had Elite Ratings for Sydney and Melbourne.

There were also ratings sheets provided to Nationwide members for Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Further, we also run our computer-based ratings for Mel and Syd which are provided to Nationwide members on Wednesdays but not Saturdays due to possible conflict/confusion with Elite Ratings.

In total we had ratings for 66 races last Saturday.

From all that information we could only provide one Platinum E4 bet.
For the Platinum E4 bets ($150 bets) to be $4,300 in front for 2023 is quite amazing considering the lack of action.
The plan is sound and profitable but lacks turnover.


Elite Monster Bets. A truly professional betting strategy.

We have spent hundreds of hours going through each ratings source to develop the raceday collation that members are demanding.
With so many areas of input, we could be very tough on qualification. Only the absolute cream get through.

We are going to deliver a raceday super-list.
It will be called the Elite Monster Plan – Monster because it has produced more than 1,000 bets since Jan 1st 2021. (42% winners @ $4.10)

There are bets on Saturdays, Public Holidays and the Wednesday city midweeks. It includes all five states that we cover.


Starting straight after Melbourne Cup week, it will be provided as a free-trial stand-alone list for Platinum members.
We will run it side by side with the Platinum E4 bets at the Saturday meetings and there will be a special midweek raceday message for Platinum members as well.
The trial will run into early 2024. By then you will have a full appreciation of this king of our amazing professional betting strategies.


More information with results and statistics will be provided in the coming weeks.

Watch this space.