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Elite Racing Performance 2023 So Far, Bank Allocation Recommendations

Fantastic profits again on Saturday (4th Feb) with the Platinum E4 adding more than 13% to the bank.
Only two weeks ago we were talking about the E4 adding 16% in one day.

There are two types of punters.
The ones who are reading about this racing spectacular unfolding week to week and Elite Members who are living their punting dream.

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Platinum E4 2023

11 winners from 29 bets (38% @ $4.45. Bet $4,350, Return $7,335
2023 Profit $2,985 (+69%)
Season So Far: + $3,605


Combo Mel 2023 AS-Listed

5 winners from 12 bets (42% @ $3.52. Bet $1930, Return $2861
2023 Profit $ 931 (+48%)
Season So Far: + $3,480


Combo Syd 2023 AS-Listed

6 winners from 12 bets (50% @ $4.43. Bet $1940, Return $4625
2023 Profit $2,685 (+138%)
Season So Far: + $1,985


Mel-Pro Strategy January AS-Listed

7 winners from 26 bets (27% @ $3.59. Bet $2770, Return $3137
2023 Profit $367 (+13%)
Season So Far: + $2,345


Eachway Master Mel 2023 AS-Listed

WIN:     6 winners from 16 bets (37% @ $3.63. Bet $1600, Return $2,180, Profit $ 580 (+36%)

PLACE:  10 placed from 16 bets (62% @ $1.55). Bet $1600, Return $1,550, Profit – $50 (- 3%)

EW:    Bet $3,200, Return $3,730, Profit $530 (+17%).


Bank Allocation

We often get asked by members for help in regards to setting up banks to take advantage of the Elite information.
There is a lot of raceday information and it can be overwhelming for some who have not decided what their main focus should be on.

As for being confusing, we do not agree. Each plan provides a list of bets that are ready to go with the recommended bet size included.
That is simplicity personified.

Members who have taken the time to study their membership’s offerings via the intro-pak and reading each newsletter, have no trouble deciding on their plan of attack.

For those who are still little undecided, we recently produced this explanatory piece.


Recommended allocation of $10,000 funds for Betting on main Elite strategies.

The Platinum E4 bets are the strongest performers long-term. They are sourced from Melbourne Combo, Sydney Combo and Mel-Pro Strategy (A Graders).
The Melbourne service’s Eachway Master Strategy is very popular because, with the place bets, there are collects on three out of every four bets.


A:    One Bank

For Platinum members who want to go with one bank then E4 is the one. Simply allocate all the available bank to that plan.

The bets are listed ready to go and all are 1.5% of the bank for the win ($150 for a $10k bank).
That is one simple but very powerful professional betting strategy.


B:    Multiple Banks

If you like each-way betting then allocating part of the available funds to the Mel Eachway Master plan is recommended.
We suggest a 60:40 split.  In our $10k examples (see link below), we’ve allocated a $6,000 bank for the Platinum E4 bets and $4,000 for the Mel Eachway Master Strategy.

Elite Racing Betting Strategies Performance 2023 so far, Elite Racing Performance 2023 So Far, Bank Allocation Recommendations


Multiple Bank Performance this Season So Far

$6,000 bank applied to the E4 this season so far (as at 4th February, as listed each race-morning, $90 each) is $1,904 in profit.
(31% capital gain).


The Eachway Master $4,000 bank $40 EW) is in profit $1,660 this season. (42% capital gain).
Note: EW Master went live Jan 1st 2023. Aug thru Dec results are derived from same algorithm applied to actual Mel data but not live (auditable in your Mel Master Data spreadsheet online).

Those two banks cover most possibilities because the Mel/Syd Combo bets and Mel-Pro Strategy bets are already part of the E4 strategy.


$3,564 Net Profit for the current season so far is a very nice return. More than 200 bets and some awesome days like Saturday at Sandown ($883 net profit) or the one in the above example just two weeks earlier ($919 net profit).



Just this year alone the Platinum E4 $6k bank ($90 bets on the as-listed raceday bet lists) is up $1,791 and the EW Master (Live $40 EW) is $212 in front.

That’s over $2,000 net profit already in just over a month!


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 Elite Racing Betting Strategies Performance 2023 so far, Elite Racing Performance 2023 So Far, Bank Allocation Recommendations