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How Horse Racing Systems Work

Here are some questions we get asked

We’ll explain how simple horse racing systems work and why they differ from the expert analysis offered by Australia’s own Elite Racing.

Can you explain the basics of horse racing betting systems and how they are used to try to predict the outcome of races?

Every punter would like to know how to win using the best horse racing system. Horse racing systems are simply a list of stringent rules that potential betting selections must pass. These rules can be developed into an algorithm and then applied within a database. 

A short list of variables that a system creator may consider would be:

  • Form: long-term record, current form
  • Distance: suitable or unsuitable
  • Handle today’s track condition
  • Maximum weight (physical weight or weight above the race minimum)
  • Jockey
  • Trainer
  • Race Type
  • Race Restriction
  • Barrier Draw
  • Pace of Race
  • Position in the run (Speed Map)

How important is past performance in determining the success of a horse racing system?

Past performance is crucial when you are looking for a profitable horse racing system. Leading services like Elite Racing rarely consider two and three-year-old races due to a lack of known performance data. Rigidly pitting one horse’s past performance data (ratings and preferences) against another is the definition of most horse racing systems on the market.

horse racing system, How Horse Racing Systems Work

No horse racing system can match the skill and experience of a genuinely professional rating team like Elite Racing.

Can you discuss some popular horse racing systems and their success rates?

Do horse racing systems work? Every race throws unique scenarios that a set system cannot pick up. Professional reading of each race is the key. Most racing services use a system whereby they push the button on race morning. They can produce ratings for scores of races each day. They lose because they are missing the most critical link that separate professionals from the rest – genuinely expert appraisal of each race.

Thousands of horse racing systems have come and gone over the years. Still, none can match the skill and experience of a genuinely professional rating team like Elite Racing because the service is not a simple set-and-forget data generation. Elite Racing has an experienced team applying insight and industry knowledge to improve the chances of a winning bet.

How do these systems consider variables such as track conditions and jockey performance?

Systems do draw on ratings for jockeys, and some would have access to each horse’s track-condition preferences. Still, they are only an arbitrary figure that may or may not be accurate for the actual circumstances of a given race.

What role does intuition or instinct play in effective horse race tipping?

It is a very important piece of the puzzle. True professionals can foresee scenarios in any particular race that no system can predict.

What are some of the most common mistakes people make when approaching betting on horse races?

Two punters can have access to the same proven winning selections, yet one will win, and the other will lose.

  • The biggest mistake is not applying a real, physical bank and betting set percentages of that bank on each qualifier.
  • Not sticking to the strategy. If you’ve done your homework and found a strategy that you are prepared to go with, then stick to it and do not second-guess any qualifying bet.
  • Not being aware of what a bad run looks like. Do your homework, study past performance of the plan, especially the down periods. Bad runs come, and that is the end of most punters.
  • Having “mug” bets. Every punter, even professionals, throws some spare cash on a horse that is not a qualifier for their plan. That’s fine IF a separate bank funds those mug-bets. Do NOT touch your real bank for those fun bets. 

How can someone new to horse racing use systems to improve their betting success?

Horse racing systems can help punters learn to be disciplined by applying rigid variables to arrive at the selections. A strict betting regime will take full advantage of the system’s potential. However, a big gap exists between a good system and a professional racing service like Elite Racing.

Can you talk about any recent developments in horse racing tipping systems?

The main developments in horse racing systems are with the databases available to punters now. Systems can be developed and turned into powerful algorithms within these massive horse racing databases.

Punters have never been better informed. Every horse’s past performance is detailed in databases and reproduced in good form guides. Watching the chaotic confusion that many commentators make of this information is humorous, but for professionals, it is a gold mine.

horse racing system, How Horse Racing Systems Work

Do NOT even consider joining a service with bookie ads or links inside their website.

Do you have any advice for someone starting out betting on horse races?

Do your research. Finding a winning profitable racing service is not a fanciful dream.
Look for accurate, up-to-date results on their website – proven results that their clients can audit.

Make sure the service you are studying has consistency and experience. New services pop up weekly and disappear not long after. They serve to confuse punters who are new to the game.

Do NOT even consider joining a service with bookie ads or links inside their website. Those services get their income from a commission paid on their client losses. The commission continues for that client’s betting even after the client has sacked them. Those services rely on providing unprofitable tips.