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All the latest Elite Racing News and Analysis

Elite Racing Professional Betting in the Sweet Spot

Today we will reveal our research that identifies Elite Racing’s professional betting sweet spot. Firstly, Saturday’s Profits Mostly profitable outcomes on Saturday: Nationwide Top-2: + $950. (nine winners from 12 races). Platinum E4 + $180 Mel Combo: +$160 Mel Eachway

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Going (going, gone)

I hope everybody read the extra warning that was added to Saturday’s Mel ratings in regards to track condition changes. It simply reminded members that it is recommended not to bet if the track condition changes two or more grades

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Elite Racing Strategies Review

Elite Strategies   The upgrade of the strategies has been completed. The Metro-Express, Platinum and Elite-Suite have completely re-worked spreadsheets so that you can analyse using the resultant data from the current algorithms applied to the actual race-morning raw data that

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Another Elite Weekend

9th August 2021 Weekend Wash-up   The Mel Elite-Combo runners came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 1st, 1st. The $1,220 outlay ($10k bank) returned $2,456, a nice start to the season.   Metro-Express:  Metro-X started the season off with one from

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Price Profitability Analysis- Mel

There is no official minimum price for the Elite Filters and ALL bets are recorded but a lot of Elite members set a minimum price. I thought it may be a good time to analyse the Mel Elite-Filters by odds.

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Distance Profitability- Melbourne

Member Mike H sent in an analysis of the Elite-Filters by distance/Track. From the members’ master spreadsheet he has worked out a personal grading for the Elite Filters based on the performance over each distance at each track. I decided

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