Red Hot Value


A good percentage of members love betting the overlays – where the available odds are better than our rated odds.

There are lots of profitable variations of this concept. Here’s one but one that is producing big profits:

As usual, this is a set and forget strategy where the bets can be made in the morning – no odds watching during the day.

We already have the Top-Raters taken care of with the Elite Filters. If that plan is down then this one will step in as we have mentioned to members in several newsletters.

  • Allocate a separate bank to concentrate on the 2nd and 3rd Elite-Rated selections.
  • Set an AM odds range  like $5.00 to $19.99. (we calculate and list the AM (morning) odds on our pro ratings sheets).
  • Bet all qualifiers where the AM Odds is greater than the Rated Odds (Elite-Odds)

This year so far, these bets have made $10,390 net profit from a level $100 bet.
That’s 97% profit on turnover from level staking overlays this year!

Here are the actual overlay qualifiers for March and April:

, Red Hot Value

Where do I find them?

It is a simple matter of comparing the “AM” Odds (that’s our calculated best-estimate of the odds available) against the “Elite” odds (that’s our rated price).
We have got the top-raters covered with our main strategy so we are concentrating on the 2nd and 3rd rated horses.
If the Top-Raters fail, it is usually a good-priced 2nd or 3rd rater that knocks it off.

Here are the Elite Ratings (from race-day Pro-Sheet) for Race 6 at Caulfield on April 11th 2020.

Top-Rater William Thomas let us down but this overlay strategy found the winner Order Of Command which went off at $10.00. 
Terbium qualified as well. There can be two overlay bets sometimes.
Don’t worry, this plan got William next week at $10.

, Red Hot Value

Race 9 the same day.

2nd rated Masculino and 3rd rated Kentucky Breeze qualified – the AM odds were greater than the Elite Rated Odds.
Kentucky Breeze won at $13.50 

, Red Hot Value

By the way, the Kentucky Breeze result set up a $12,900 first four using our recommended Multi Bet strategy but that’s another story!


Race 8 Moonee Valley March 20th

This example demonstrates our ability to find huge value in our top-3 rated.
Mamzelle Tess was massively over the odds and no other tipster had her rated anywhere.

We rated her a 9/2 chance chance! She was the sole Overlay qualifier in this race and won well at 25/1.

, Red Hot Value