Members, Compare Your Bets

Members, Compare Your Bets

The purpose of this newsletter is to help you understand how our recommended main plans work in real time.

Compare notes from your own Horse Tips see if you are on the track you want to be. Two weeks is just a tiny snippet and the profits and profit rates are not the important thing here. Just check off your bets against the actual bets as listed.

Firstly, here is the actual strategy bet lists as presented on Saturday Aug 24th For Moonee Valley (Syd is in the same format).

ALL Top-Rated Tips

First, let’s look at the past two weeks for ALL Elite Top-Rated tips for Sydney horse racing tips.



Of those 27 Top-Raters, 6 got through to be Top-Ratio Qualifiers.

sydney & melbourne horse racing tips

Top-Ratio Syd-Mel Applying Max-Bet % to the listed Top-Ratio Bet amount

Those who are betting the Top-Ratio AND applying the max-bet % as recommended have managed a slight increase in profit % rate for applying the as-listed bets adjusted to the confidence level (Max-Bet %).

The same dollar profit from less outlay.

Now that’s all fine but what about the REJECTS, the other 21 NON Top-RATIO Top-Raters that we have put so much time and effort into finding?

Top-Rated Tips that were REJECTED by Top-Ratio

There’s some very solid action there and nice profits which serves as a strong reminder to apply that recommended secondary bank to bet on ALL the top-raters now that we have the race confidence percentage called “ Max-Bet %” for every rated Best Horse Racing Tips.  


All Top-Raters Max-Bet % Betting.

This is a win and place analysis

As you can see, the max-bet percentage betting did not produce better profits than level stakes in this snippet but it will in the long run.


Elite Filters

In the two week period that we are looking at, the Elite-Filters chose five qualifiers of which, four won.

With the Elite Filters, there can be NON Top-Rated qualifiers. Algadon Miss is an example.


Betting the Elite Filters to the Max-Bet % was fractionally inferior profit wise in this tiny sample.

Just repeating, the purpose of this newsletter is to help you understand how each plan works in real time.
Compare notes from your own betting to see if you are on the track you want to be.


Larry and Richard

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