Elite September Betting Comparisons

Elite September Betting Comparisons

Max-Bet % v’s As-Listed Bets

We’ve had a couple of queries from members in regards to how the Max-Bet % (our degree of confidence figure) is comparing to an “as-listed” bet on the main plans.
One member asked for a list of all bets for September so he could compare.

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The Max-Bet % has increased the percentage profit from 51.9% to 57.4% over the 28 bets this month.
The average max-bet % bet was $77.6% of the listed amount yet the dollar profit was 85.8% of the profit from the as-listed bets.
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Top-Ratio Bets

A slight percent-profit increase from 68.7% net profit to 73.1%.

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The application of the Max-Bet % has made negligible difference here.