Elite’s Power in Numbers

Two-State members (Mel-Syd) are reaping the rewards with bigger profits and a much smoother ride

In the previous newsletter, we talked about how the relatively small extra cost for Elite membership in the other state is well rewarded.
Here’s an excerpt:

It is a pleasure to pen so many consecutive positive newsletters and I do hope it shows the immense value of Mel and Syd memberships working together. .
The stats and profits are good whatever your membership status but the small extra investment for the other state’s membership is far outweighed by the massive extra overall profits and probably more importantly, the smoothing effect of two states working together.

Nearly all members have a bank for the Top-Ratio $100+ as well as a separate bank for the Filters. Saturday’s racing was a good example of combining the power of Mel and Syd.

Following on from the previous newsletter’s look at the run since Anzac day, it is interesting to analyse the contributions from both strategies from both states at each of the nine meetings.

($10k bank analysis)
Elite's Power in Numbers, Elite’s Power in Numbers

Each state has had it moments with both plans.
Sydney knocked off $1,000 over May 4th and 11th. but overall the profit is:  $2,700. 
Richard’s amazing run in Sydney has produced NINE winners from the past 10 Filter qualifiers – brilliant!

Melbourne has had a few minor losses over recent weeks but is up: $2,403 over this period.

Individually, the combined might of the two plans over the nine race days has seen two losing days in Sydney and five in Melbourne.
But when you look at the Mel-Syd Combined at the bottom right, there are only two losing days.

Seven of the nine days WON averaging $824 for each raceday. Just two days lost and the losing average was – $332.