Elite Mel-Syd August Wash-Up

Richard’s Sydney Gold bets had yet another amazing month. Check out the full list of Sydney Gold bets below, 45% winners is an awesome result. The Sydney Gold Pro Bets ($150 or more) are identified to the far right

Sydney Gold August 2018

August Wash-Up, Elite Mel-Syd August Wash-Up


Melbourne Top-Zone

What a frustrating month for Top-Zone punters in Melbourne. All five bets went down giving back the profit we made on the 28th July. We were looking forward to a high action, high profit August but circumstances led to just half the number of bets compared to 2017 and we just didn’t get any traction. Creativity got caught in the last stride and Shakora is still trying to get out.

So the Top-Zone wash-up was five bets, no return and a $850 loss for August making the total for Top-Zone ver2 Bet; $1570, Return $1408 Loss $162.

No drama, there are plenty of runs of outs greater than five and you don’t have to look too deeply through the past results to find just 6 wins in a 44 bet period a loss of nearly $3k! Fortunately there are many more winning runs that make up much more than that loss, just check out the long-term statistics…

Elite Top-Zone 2015-2018 Complete Stats   Pdf
Complete statistical analysis of the Top-Zone 2015-July 2018.


Top-Rated Punters

The frustrating part is that the 45% of the 20 top-zone-rejected Elite top-raters won! NINE winners for level $100 bet profit of $2,690. That will balance out, there is no way the rejects will out-perform the Top-Zone qualifiers in the long term.

But I know a lot of members do have that extra bank for betting on EVERY Top-Rater.

They backed 9 winners from 25 bets in August. That’s 36% Top-Rated winners @ $5.21 average winning odds and a $100 level bet profit of $2,190.

In August, the E2 Combo made $550 net profit and Larry’s Best + $1,100

But, it’s all about the Top-Zone and I can’t wait for this exiting strategy to fire up again. To demonstrate how quickly this plan can make up the lost ground, assume Creativity held on for one more stride: That would have made August a 55% profit month and the total profit since July 28th $1172 which is +74%.

It can happen very quickly with one bet so don’t miss it.

Good luck with your team in the finals