Elite-Filters 2017-2020 Analysed

The Melbourne Elite-Filters won yet again at Flemington last Saturday.
That’s four winning days on the trot and nearly $2,000 net profit since Derby Day.

We always keep an up to date list of results as actually listed at the time but many members are asking for the statistics of the current algorithm applied back in time.

They want to plan their betting based on what the current algorithm has achieved when applied to the years of past base raceday data (that never changes).



Eight Mel meetings since October 31st.

27 Elite-Filter Bets

11 winners (40% winners)

@ $4.21

Bet:      $3,350

Return: $5,304

Profit:    $1,954

Profit %: 58.3%


All Mel meetings since January 2017.

733 Elite-Filter Bets

272 winners (37% winners)

@ $4.81

Bet:      $113,012

Return: $189,098

Profit:    $76,086

Profit %: 67.3%

It is terrific to see that the live results are very much in line with the long-term.



The Sydney Elite-Filters algorithm was last updated at the start of August 2020.

Not many bets lately but it has been a strange period in Sydney. The Elite Filters have recognised the risks and rightly stayed out more often than usual.

Sydney Filters will bounce into full production at any time so be ready.


Sydney current algorithm – live since August 1st.

33 Syd Elite-Filter Bets

13 winners (39% winners)

@ $3.43

Bet:      $5,050

Return: $6,928

Profit:    $1,878

Profit %: 37.2%


Printout of Current Elite-Filter Algorithm Results 2017-2020


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All the best


Larry and Ric