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Nov 28 2016: Firstly thank you for the service you provide. The ratings that you put up every week are of great benefit.
By looking at the scenario and form I was able to get the quaddie on sat. Race 8 Shakespearean Lass was a scen 2 . I always add these into my quaddies and usually take a punt in leaving a top 5 out that shows no form or scen. Well 12% of a $50,000 odd quaddie made my day. So once again thank you for the info you provide.
Cannot wait to see what you can produce for Sydney and Perth. Anything near the results we have had for the last 12 months and it will be hell of a year to come.
This is for those who pull out - be smart with what info you are given. Last year in November there was a $3500 quaddie, 3 of the winners were our best bets and I had a result off getting it 8.5 times and now 12% of a $50000 add that up just in these 2 days and know what sort of year you can have.

Mark M

Big day at Flemington yesterday Larry, despite no bets on the main plan, the top rated horses were saluting, Prized Icon paid for my trip down to Melbourne for weekend, heck mate, it even covered the missus outfit and accessories, which only 19/1 winners can do.
Great day, thanks mate

Michael N

Hi Larry,
I followed only the Pro Ratings today ( except the straight races) & most Pleased with the result, Thanks in the main to Prized Icon, top selecting mate. So, going $50 per investment picked up profit of $700, fantastic result for first day. Certainly more than paid for first month membership !!
You have great stuff here & I realise we are nowhere near full capacity until next Saturday, but still looking forward to Tuesday very much.

Perry L Derby Day

Hey Larry,
Thanks for the pro sheet yesterday. Helped very nicely yesterday! I got the first 3 races and got a huge return on Prized Icon in the 7th!!
Keep up the good work!!
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Sam Y Derby Day

Hi Larry , George M ( Melbourne ) here.
As usual you provide us with compulsive reading and this `Spring Evaluation` article is outstanding . It`s highly motivational and no other service in Australia goes anywhere near ELITE..... honestly you guys are just like Winx versus the field.
Larry , I have been a satisfied member since May 2014 paying around $xx monthly . I think it`s about time I jump on board for a 12 month deal . Could you please let me know what the cost would be . Many thanks George

George M Oct 24th 2016

i just thought i would give my thoughts on thew profits of elite. i am an aged pensio0ner (nearly 80) and since the beginning of 2015 i have just cracked the 10000 barrier ave weekly profits in excess of 100. obviously my bets are restricted because of ltd income.why would anyone leave for dead grass on the other side of the fence regards les

Les R Sept 2016

Today was one for the ages. Biggest winning day I have ever had and it's due to you and your unbeatable plans.

Graham T

Hi Larry ,thanks for the quaddie on Saturday (Mornington 2nd April 2016) nearly $20,000 in Qld .

Ron B

Hi Larry, I had a good pick up yesterday with First 4 in MR 8... Took 5% of payout on NSW tote on Luxbet
....around 36k.....(Mornington 2nd April 2016).

Mick P

Hello Larry, I joined on Friday and recouped my 12 month membership on the first day! Fantastic work - I feel so comfortable with Elite, friendly, available and love the amazing results and analysis that you provide.

James T

Thanks for all the extra work you do. Given the parlous state of world finances and stock markets, I think using a fantastic system like yours makes more and more sense every day. And you can quote me :)

Pamela S

Hi Larry n team. Well done again, it sounds like a record but its true. Another great day and article. I had a 88% return on investment which included main trifectas so as far as I am concerned “keep on keeping on”. I kicked my mates butt again so (golf punters club) “how sweet it was”, just loving it buddy.

Paul S A

WOW, GREAT, FANTASTIC, is only a few words to describe the great
$8.50 day and Super Saturday at Flemington. It's the best couple of days I've ever had and such good odds.

Arthur W

I just want to make sure you have all your faculties and are in good health.......I have just renewed for 5 years and want to make sure you keep up the great service.

Jeff C

I got my 5 year membership back on my first day! (and I would have paid double after my mate's relentless recommendations)

Bill S

What a professional outfit. I can see why you’ve outlasted the others. I feel part of an exclusive club and appreciate being able to talk to the boss at anytime. I was pleasantly surprised when you took an urgent call from me on a Saturday morning. Your winning strategies are a fabulous bonus.

Alfred D

Thanks Larry . You have made a great rating service even better. And that is no mean feat when Elite Ratings was already so good.

Michael B

Larry, I run a multi million dollar company and get hundreds of email a week, but if I see yours I read them first. I love what you do for us and I would follow you over a cliff if you said it will be ok. Thanks mate for giving me the excitement each week that I look forward too. I love the hunt with you and the catch is unbelievable. Keep up your great work.

Peter C
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