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Sacked Other Tipsters

Hi Larry & Rick,

This email is just to say thank you for the continuous great service that I receive as an Elite Racing member.

I sent an email to you in July after a bad day which I now regret. It was at a time when I was following four tipping services and having a very poor run on all four (having already lost a fair bit on Inform). Your response not only included sound advice but was pure professionalism and class!

I have now dropped 2 of those losing tipping services and due to your exceptional tipping over the last month (as well as positive results from my mixed sports tipster), I am now in profit for the year including my subscription costs. You have turned my punting year around!

I am so glad that I have persevered with Elite and paid for the Platinum and Metro Xpress services. I have been around long enough to understand that not every month will be as incredible as August but I now have full confidence that I in Platinum and Metro Xpress I have 2 profitable betting subscription services for the long term.

I’m also certain that if profits start to decline you will be there in the background crunching the data and tweaking things to improve profits for us.

Thanks again for your hard work and your great tipping. I genuinely appreciate what you do and the speed of your replies if I ever have a query!


Peter T