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$100 to $4,022, love your work!

G’day guys,

Below is a snapshot of my results since joining for the live launch on 3rd July.

Bear in mind I also dabble in a few low stake, actually very low stake, doubles/trebles etc using your selections and take advantage of bonus bets offer from Pointsbet but other than that is using your staking.


I use a blend of both Metro Express and Platinum selections.

Started with nominal $2500 bank on 3rd July

Bank reached $5000 on 21st Aug so upped stakes to that bank.

As of today bank sits on $6522

Was over $7000 a couple of weeks ago but take the ups with the downs in this game.


While that’s a fantastic result over that period what is even nicer is that of my nominal $2500 original bank my initial investment was $100 only.

In reality that $100 has become $4022, doesn’t get much better than that.


I want to thank you guys, you’ve totally transformed my punting and the results are unbelievable.


For the record I still punt on my own selections separate to this from a different account, (low stakes just for fun), and in that same period my net result is a loss of $286 and I consider myself a pretty good reader of form. Must’ve just been unlucky ha ha!!


That speaks for itself.


Love your work