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Elite Ticks ALL The Boxes

5-Star Review Aug 2021

If you had a wish list for a great betting service, Elite would tick all the boxes. Just amazing Strong profitability – definitely ! And the results come from a real mix of winners prices. A recent Saturdays selections had full bets on $15 & $18 winners !

Importantly, the results are very consistent. No need to endure extended losing runs waiting for a turnaround.

Everything is made very easy. Selections & staking are clear, & sent early. And can be adapted to each betting Bank. Results are recorded at BOB. So place your bets early, & just tune in to cheer home another winner !

For all products there is extensive information & accurate past results. Which builds more confidence & you know exactly what to expect. These guys have been winning for over 30 years. But keep adapting & adding options wherever there is an opportunity. All with full support. If your wish is to enjoy your Raceday & consistently win – this is the place ! Neil