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Huge Overlays

Hi Larry,

Love your ratings, an excellent service.

Yesterday, I looked at going a bit deeper with the overlays.  Betting overlays from TR – 5th rated.
The results were amazing. I only bet $2 for the experiment.

M1-2 Sasko won @ $27  4th rated

M3-8 La Chevalee won @ $4  TR

M6-5 Great Again won @ $12 5th rated

S4-5 High Opinion won @ $9 4th rated

S7-8 Witherspoon won @ $20.20 4th rated

S8-12 Man of Peace won @ $11.30 2nd rated

S9-1 Blazing Miss won @ $9 TR

M7-5 Sava Heat won @ $58.20 4th rated.  I only took this for a place because of the high price but won’t do that again. Place paid $11.  If I had taken all 27 bets there would have been a return of $151 for the dollar. An exceptional day.

I realise this may not happen all the time but thought it would work with the wet tracks.


Max B