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Mark M Testimonial

Firstly thank you for the service you provide. The ratings that you put up every week are of great benefit. By looking at the scenario and form I was able to get the quaddie on sat. Race 8 Shakespearean Lass was a scen 2 . I always add these into my quaddies and usually take a punt in leaving a top 5 out that shows no form or scen. Well 12% of a $50,000 odd quaddie made my day. So once again thank you for the info you provide.

Cannot wait to see what you can produce for Sydney and Perth. Anything near the results we have had for the last 12 months and it will be hell of a year to come.This is for those who pull out – be smart with what info you are given. Last year in November there was a $3500 quaddie, 3 of the winners were our best bets and I had a result off getting it 8.5 times and now 12% of a $50000 add that up just in these 2 days and know what sort of year you can have.