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Another Elite Winner

Hi Larry & Richard

Further to my comments about the fantastic service that you provide when I renewed my Sydney subscription earlier today I just wanted to follow up further.

I am probably one of the silent majority who you don’t hear from very often but who are very happy clients whose punting banks continue to grow so I thought it was about time I let you know how much I really appreciate the outstanding service you provide in Melbourne and more recently in Sydney year after year. Having been with Elite for some time I know it is just a matter of riding out the lean runs when they occur and that things always turn around as long as you stick to the plan! But I really think the regular newsletters, especially how you get on the front foot with a newsletter very soon after a lean day, helps keep some clients who may be wavering on track.

I am a fairly selective punter who does not need to have a bet in every race so I am now a very big fan of the filters strategy and follow it religiously together with the Sydney and Melbourne best bets so I have been going pretty well! I also appreciate the amount of work you do in constantly looking for any edge for your clients by reviewing trends in the results and the way you are not afraid to make adjustments to strategies as required and how the race day information is presented. I am a relatively small punter but now operate a separate Elite punting bank which has grown considerably over the last 12 months or so despite the run of seconds earlier in the year and the incredible number of heavy tracks that we have experienced this year. It just shows how strong the Elite ratings are. And on the few occasions over the years when I have contacted your office by email or phone with a query I have received  the same very high standard of customer service each time. It is no wonder that you have so many long term clients on your books!

I hear some absolute horror stories from some of my punting acquaintances who waste a lot of money on other services – I just smugly tell them that if they are serious about winning they should try Elite!

I know some clients probably get frustrated with the lack of action during the Spring Carnival but I use it as a time to take a break from serious punting and just watch the good horses go round with the occasional small interest bet. And I always look forward with anticipation to the Sandown meeting straight after the Flemington carnival which is nearly always a winning day! It was great to get back into the action a couple of weeks ago with the usual successful outcome (and it would have been even better if Home of the Brave had stuck his tongue out and won!).

I also have a number of betting accounts including one with VicBet (thanks very much for that one! Rod Cleary is great to deal with – I met him at the Warrnambool Carnival in May.). I mainly use the BOB option with VicBet and Ladbrokes (although I lost this option with Ladbrokes in January for about 6 months after a good winning day!) but I also make good use of any offers such as deposit bonuses and bonus bets for running second or third. I find if I don’t use some of the accounts (TAB, Bet365, BetEasy & Sportsbet) for a while I get offered incentives such as deposit bonuses or additional bonus bets for running second or third. So I rotate the accounts I use and I treat all deposit bonuses and bonus bets as real money . It is amazing how many punters I know who treat the bonuses as just that and basically waste them. I know these bonus offers will reduce or disappear as my bet sizes increase in line with my growing punting back but they have certainly been a useful tool in increasing my profits along the way.

I look forward to my punting bank continuing to grow with Elite over coming years!

Keep up the great service!

Cheers, Brendan