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You’re Part of a Good Group, like a Good Strong Club

Peter has had a long successful career in sales. He became a member of Elite Racing’s professional horse race tipping in 2001. In this interview, he talks about his experience with Elite Racing over the last 20 years. He describes feeling part of this highly informed and very connected club.


What was your approach to betting races before you started working with Elite Racing?

I hadn’t had a real lot of experience with other racing services. There was a couple there, but I really noticed their lack of service. You just get a service, like emails, for a couple of weeks and then that is it. But with Elite Racing, you’re always getting plenty of newsletters and updates to their system. That’s really what I’m looking for, enhancements all the time.


What changed for you once you started using the Elite Racing horse race tipping services?

I found it easier.  Up until then, I’d been running doubles and those types of things. That’s what I used Elite Racing for initially. Then it became more about the actual bets on the day that were rated by Larry. Then Richard came on board. I was mainly focused on Melbourne initially. It just made things easier for me.


How’s it been financially in terms of the fees and returns for you?

Oh look, I think it offers a good percentage of returns because I think that they made it easier for you to be a three-year member. The discounts that apply to that were pretty good.I bet within my means, and it’s more of an interest than trying to make a lot of money out of it.


What are Elite Racing key points of difference from other professional horse race tipping services available in Australia?

It’s the consistency and then keeping all of the members in their club well informed.

If they change something, they give you a really good reason for it. Everyone has access to the information that they provide. You can go online and, if you want to, take all the data out of the Excel spreadsheet that they have there. You can do that, and then you can make changes to your own preferences if you like.


What do you think of the Elite Racing ethics?

I think they’re very ethical. I do. I might’ve spoken to Larry a couple of times on the phone, and he is a very personable person. As I said; eventually, you get to talking. I know he’s a Geelong supporter in the football and those sorts of things. I’ve got to become friends with him through calls and emails. I haven’t met him personally. But it feels like being part of a family more than anything. They encourage a sensible approach.  Larry always advises members that to be a successful punter, you’ve got to be disciplined and follow his rules regarding having a dedicated bank and following Elite guidelines. 


How do you describe how the Elite Racing tipping service fits into your routine?

I’d probably put my bets on and then go about my business on Saturday and come back and check and have a look and see how I’ve gone.

I concentrate mainly on Sydney and Melbourne. The information’s outstanding.  With some of the things that Larry’s introduced, like looking at the two top-rated horses as a way of getting on the system. You can have a bet in a lot of ways. There are opportunities to have first fours and trifectas, particularly with how you can do Flexi betting now.  You can still have a good interest, and if there’s a big one that comes up, you get a decent dividend.


Do you recommend Elite Racing to your friends as a professional horse race tipping service?

Oh, look, I’ve told a lot of my friends that I have the system. I probably don’t want to give them too much advantage. I do recommend it to them. I tell them it’s a good system. I don’t know that I’ve ever converted any of my mates to get on, but it’s certainly a system I would recommend.


What reasons do you give them when you make that recommendation?

I recommend them because of their consistency and the quality of the information you get. Other systems I’ve tested out just had no follow-up. After some early contact, that was it. With Elite, there’s always follow-up. There’s always good information coming out of the newsletters. 

I’m sure it’s something that all of the members of the Elite group would look forward to getting those newsletters because they are very regular. I’d say you’d have to get one once a fortnight with Larry and Richard summing up what’s happened and why something’s happened and a reason for it. It is enjoyable because you feel connected and informed all the time. You feel like you’re part of a good group, like a good strong club. 


Is there anything else that you can think of that would make the service even better?

Probably not. Larry’s expanded it so you can have bet in all of the states now. He gives some best bets in each state. I’m probably still happy just to do Sydney and Melbourne at this stage, but the Nationwide Best option is a good one.