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Sensational couple of weeks LEGEND !!!

Race 1 and Race 7: Massive Double overlays

Race 7 Box TOP Trifecta paid $4300 ( I got that )

Race 9 2nd was also a huge overlay

If you took 6x6x6x6 in Quaddie …. paid $113,000 ( unfortunately I only do 5x 😢)




, Rosco wins again

Rosco May 26th 2020(05.2020)


It is all about the Value Revolution !!!!

$6300 Quaddie ✊️✊️✊️

Double overlay winners R5-1. R6-12, R7-5

In Race 7 you got Q / Tri / First 4, First 4 paid $39,000

On the day you got 4 tri and 3 First 4’s using your 3x9x9x12 format

Massive Day …. Thanks so much

, Value Revolution

Rosco May 17th 2020

Hi Larry,

Love your ratings, an excellent service.

Yesterday, I looked at going a bit deeper with the overlays.  Betting overlays from TR – 5th rated.
The results were amazing. I only bet $2 for the experiment.

M1-2 Sasko won @ $27  4th rated

M3-8 La Chevalee won @ $4  TR

M6-5 Great Again won @ $12 5th rated

S4-5 High Opinion won @ $9 4th rated

S7-8 Witherspoon won @ $20.20 4th rated

S8-12 Man of Peace won @ $11.30 2nd rated

S9-1 Blazing Miss won @ $9 TR

M7-5 Sava Heat won @ $58.20 4th rated.  I only took this for a place because of the high price but won’t do that again. Place paid $11.  If I had taken all 27 bets there would have been a return of $151 for the dollar. An exceptional day.

I realise this may not happen all the time but thought it would work with the wet tracks.


Max B



, Huge Overlays

Max B May 26th 2020

Dear Larry,

Following your explanation of multi’s and examples I decided to give your method a go this Saturday. At 10% of full dividend, Approx. $100.00 per bet, I had one win, race 5, two losses, races 1 & 3, in Melb, and one loss, race 4, Sydney.

Having reached a stage of despondency I thought I would try a hit at the Quaddie. Consequently I took your top 6 selections in each race and  placed a $129 bet giving me 10%. IT WON. And I was returned $6200.00. Now I am aware you have no formula or recommendation for a Quaddie, so I want your opinion as to my whether my action was folly or wise.

, My $62,000 quaddie

Kingsley 62k quaddie(05.2020)

Hi Larry & Richard

Further to my comments about the fantastic service that you provide when I renewed my Sydney subscription earlier today I just wanted to follow up further.

I am probably one of the silent majority who you don’t hear from very often but who are very happy clients whose punting banks continue to grow so I thought it was about time I let you know how much I really appreciate the outstanding service you provide in Melbourne and more recently in Sydney year after year. Having been with Elite for some time I know it is just a matter of riding out the lean runs when they occur and that things always turn around as long as you stick to the plan! But I really think the regular newsletters, especially how you get on the front foot with a newsletter very soon after a lean day, helps keep some clients who may be wavering on track.

I am a fairly selective punter who does not need to have a bet in every race so I am now a very big fan of the filters strategy and follow it religiously together with the Sydney and Melbourne best bets so I have been going pretty well! I also appreciate the amount of work you do in constantly looking for any edge for your clients by reviewing trends in the results and the way you are not afraid to make adjustments to strategies as required and how the race day information is presented. I am a relatively small punter but now operate a separate Elite punting bank which has grown considerably over the last 12 months or so despite the run of seconds earlier in the year and the incredible number of heavy tracks that we have experienced this year. It just shows how strong the Elite ratings are. And on the few occasions over the years when I have contacted your office by email or phone with a query I have received  the same very high standard of customer service each time. It is no wonder that you have so many long term clients on your books!

I hear some absolute horror stories from some of my punting acquaintances who waste a lot of money on other services – I just smugly tell them that if they are serious about winning they should try Elite!

I know some clients probably get frustrated with the lack of action during the Spring Carnival but I use it as a time to take a break from serious punting and just watch the good horses go round with the occasional small interest bet. And I always look forward with anticipation to the Sandown meeting straight after the Flemington carnival which is nearly always a winning day! It was great to get back into the action a couple of weeks ago with the usual successful outcome (and it would have been even better if Home of the Brave had stuck his tongue out and won!).

I also have a number of betting accounts including one with VicBet (thanks very much for that one! Rod Cleary is great to deal with – I met him at the Warrnambool Carnival in May.). I mainly use the BOB option with VicBet and Ladbrokes (although I lost this option with Ladbrokes in January for about 6 months after a good winning day!) but I also make good use of any offers such as deposit bonuses and bonus bets for running second or third. I find if I don’t use some of the accounts (TAB, Bet365, BetEasy & Sportsbet) for a while I get offered incentives such as deposit bonuses or additional bonus bets for running second or third. So I rotate the accounts I use and I treat all deposit bonuses and bonus bets as real money . It is amazing how many punters I know who treat the bonuses as just that and basically waste them. I know these bonus offers will reduce or disappear as my bet sizes increase in line with my growing punting back but they have certainly been a useful tool in increasing my profits along the way.

I look forward to my punting bank continuing to grow with Elite over coming years!

Keep up the great service!

Cheers, Brendan

Brendan H 28th Nov 2019(11.2019)

Great day again yesterday gents. I am extremely impressed with your level of service and the detail you provide. Just amazing!

Cheers, Stu

Stu May 26th 2019(05.2019)

Hey Larry, As usual great communication and information.

Took the family to Fiji last month on profits made through elite racing.

Keep up the good work.

Happy Punting

Daniel S

Daniel S May 22nd 2019(05.2019)

Hi Larry, The Top-Ratio is on fire. Thanks to you I have made $2,100 over the past three meetings. Larry’s Best Ocean Deep at $7.00 and Fastnet Tempest at $5.00 were the icing on the cake.
Keep them coming!

Luke D. May 8th 2019(05.2019)

Larry & Ric,

The work you boys put into communications and fine tuning plans is extraordinary and sets a standard I am sure no one comes close to.

The race day info for the 2nd week of 2019 out of Melbourne and Sydney was perfection.

It was so fun watching how easy the four winners out of five big bets won. Even Turnberry having to battle out of a pocket got home once clear easy.

I really appreciate the hard work you guys put into analysis and yesterday is your reward and members get to experience something that 99% of punters don’t. Killing the bookies big time!

I do hope you are sitting back today with a big smile and realise you do something special and i hope you never stop.

Cheers Steve.

Steve A Jan 13th 2019(01.2019)


question ,whats the hardest thing about being an ELITE RATINGS client .

answer; waiting till next week for the next bet,anyway well done again regards john st

13th Jan 2019

John S

Good morning guys,I have been a member for just over 6 months and I have been doing ok. I have been using your top rated ratio bets with the exception of the $10 & $50 bets ,with a conservative staking plan which suits your strategy very well.

I am just over $2000 in front since Dec 26th.I have been a serious investor in Sat Mel & Syd racing for a number of years with some success,but nothing come close too what you guys deliver,it is a privalige to be an elite member ,you guys are the best at what you do.
Kind Regards John.

13th Jan 2019

John L

Hello gentlemen,
Just want to say what a privilege it is to be an Elite member.

Yesterday’s bonanza was the stuff adrenalin junkie’s live for. I’ve been a member for many years now & the Top Rated Ratio system is certainly the pièce de résistance. I honestly don’t know how you can improve on this, but I’m sure you’ll keep on pushing the boundaries for the benefit of all members. I now bet with absolute & unconditional confidence, knowing that my bank will continue to head North at a steady rate. Well done gents & keep up the great work.


Mark S Jan 13th 2019

Mark S

Stunning result Larry from this weekend. You keep teaching me that long term we will get on top. At times ones feels doubt but this weekend proved to me once again that you have a winning approach and the patience to help us through. Moonlover of Friday night was brilliant as were the three TZ picks yesterday plus the other top raters.
Well done and thanks.

Tim C - October 2018(10.2018)

Hi Larry and Richard. Just a quick note from a serious and very disciplined pro-punter who bets on a very big bank to say really well done. Touch couple of weeks with lame horses and bleeders and Ball of Muscle looked like it was pulled up at the 150 for similar reasons tonight (as we all should know you can’t rate horses for breaking down in races).

Moonlover was really great work, an emphatic win and a massive collect for me at $12ew. Seriously good analysis – never lose you confidence and stick to what you guys do so well. Great stuff.

Bring on tomorrow and Sunday and forever.

Love your work.

Paul G - September 2018

Wow what a fantastic day so far for Larry … races 7, 8, & 9 still to go.

Faith is a powerful tool and it always pays to hang in there.

Race 3, winner paid $9 (Neds)
Race 4, winner paid $11 (Neds)
Race 5, winner paid $3.20
And of course the $11 winner on Friday night.

Keep up the great work

Well done and thanks

George M - September 2018

Hi Larry (and Richard)

A day like today was on the cards…

But 6 from 8 Top Rated

That’s just plain SHOWING OFF 😀 😀

Massive day on TOP ZONE and a few BIG ALL UP multi’s were just cream on top…

$10 on the 3 top zone SELECTIONS to WIN returned in excess of $1600 … Oh Yeah!!!

Garry R - October 2018

Well done Larry and Richard.
Honesty and integrity is all anyone can ask for in any form of business. You guys have it in bucket loads.

Cheers, Glen . Gordonvale, Qld.

Glen D - August 2018(08.2018)

Hi Larry and Richard

Well done guys and richly deserved.

I am aware that racing and punting has it’s ups and downs. The Ups have resulted in some great celebrations… the downs… well that’s just consolidation and it indicates to all your clients that you are human.

Looking forward to hearing from you on Saturday

Pete L

Peter L

Well done guys.

Didn’t need an independent assessment to convince me. Results are the proof in the pudding. That’s why I’m still on board after 6 years and many more to come. Keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards


Tim P

, Elite Rated Number 1 for Performance

“…After only a very short period of 2 weeks – I am up $ 2230 on 4 bets – I also have $271 on the next win double and $105 on the next place double !!

I now withdraw my money from my betting account on a weekly basis – ( this seems to help with my mug bets ).

I definitely don’t believe that I can make this sort of profit all the time – but what a great start. I had one trial week at the end of July and that also won $600  which I havn’t included.

Great effort guys.


See blog

Darren Aug 12th 2018(08.2018)

Hi Larry,

Investing on TZ only, last 3 weeks, 3 wins from 5

Great stuff.


David C(07.2018)

Subject: RE: Ultimate 200 plus – Saturday 21st July 2018

Hi Larry/Richard,

Congrats on today’s mighty effort guys. A cool profit of $2,700.00 for the day.

, Ultimate Profits from Elite



Colin B(07.2018)

Dear RIchard and Larry,

I’ve recently signed up and I just want to say a big thank you for doing such a thorough job and your analytical approach.

After 2 weeks I’m over $2000 up and it could have been much more except for a few teething problems understanding the systems, making a some mistakes and chickening out on backing favourites when they were drifting.

I have signed up to a couple of betting systems previously and made significant losses. I can see I’ll recoup these quickly and be in a profit in no time.

Many thanks and Kind regards,


Nathan E(05.2018)

Good work Larry! Top zone passing test

Kind regards,

Craig D

Craig D(04.2018)

Well done Larry, The $16.50 Ultimate 200 double was a beauty! Cheers, Kevin.

Kevin M

Excellent tipping today guys….you nailed it!!!!

With a combination of E2 200 Plus, Top-Zone 30% Plus, and Larry’s Best, made a huge killing today.

May there be many more days like today.

Happy tipping, and keep up the good work.


Colin B

Colin B

I just wanted to touch base and say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to you and Richard for your amazing service/s.
I started my Subscription on the 3rd of March this year and have now also commenced SYDNEY GOLD and TRUE FAVOURITES in the last 2 weeks.
I commenced with just over $20,000 in several bookmakers accounts and as of today I am up $ 28,500 up…

Garry R(10.2017)

Hi Larry,
Just read your email. I joined mid September… Your dedication to your work and your clients is exceptional – and this I have gleaned in a few short weeks!! Thanks for allowing me to be a member of Elite Racing.. No need to reply.

Rachel K(10.2017)

Hi Larry, I always enjoy receiving your newsletters. I just added up my results since joining you in late March 2017, thanks to you and Richard I am up $8,881. I intend in 2018 to slightly increase my bet sizes, (by about 20%), keep up the good work, regards, Kevin.

Kevin M(10.2017)

Morning Larry ,
Awesome work yesterday mate. Your special’s 3 from 4.
Nice results all day. Elite on fire again mate love it my friend.
Keep up the good work.

Shane W(09.2017)

you’s are on fire. Haven’t messaged you for a while chaps. Got the big 6, runnin doubles, early QUADIE, main QUADIE. Too deadly with the selections. I was the only one cheerin in the pub when number 1 got the rails run in the fifth. Couldn’t believe it. Speechless now!!
Good onyas!! Thanks guys, Christmas is looking good.

Rod K(09.2017)

I’ve been a member for around a year now with some very up and down results. Most of my issues hv been cash flow more than anything and trying to stick to a system and also thinking I can still pick my own horses ( you’d think I would hv learned I’m no good at it).
Anyway, two weeks ago I decided to stick to three plans – Elite pace, Larry’s combo and Top Rated (Enhanced only). The results are astonishing to say the least and yesterday must have been one of the best days on record and I won a tad over $3000.
I bet through Ladbrokes – not sure how but I picked up Hell or Highwater at $6.50 for $250 of my bets !!
Amazing day – great work guys.

Darren W(09.2017)

I signed up two weeks ago for Melbourne and Sydney. I still cant get the smile off my face from last Saturday.
50 years old and it was the best day on the punt I have ever had.

Mick W(05.2017)

I signed up two weeks ago for Melbourne and Sydney. I still can’t get the smile off my face from last Saturday.

50 years old and it was the best day on the punt I have ever had.

Mick W(05.2017)

Big day at Flemington yesterday Larry, despite no bets on the main plan, the top rated horses were saluting, Prized Icon paid for my trip down to Melbourne for weekend, heck mate, it even covered the missus outfit and accessories, which only 19/1 winners can do.
Great day, thanks mate

Michael M(11.2016)

Firstly thank you for the service you provide. The ratings that you put up every week are of great benefit. By looking at the scenario and form I was able to get the quaddie on sat. Race 8 Shakespearean Lass was a scen 2 . I always add these into my quaddies and usually take a punt in leaving a top 5 out that shows no form or scen. Well 12% of a $50,000 odd quaddie made my day. So once again thank you for the info you provide.

Cannot wait to see what you can produce for Sydney and Perth. Anything near the results we have had for the last 12 months and it will be hell of a year to come.This is for those who pull out – be smart with what info you are given. Last year in November there was a $3500 quaddie, 3 of the winners were our best bets and I had a result off getting it 8.5 times and now 12% of a $50000 add that up just in these 2 days and know what sort of year you can have.

Mark M(11.2016)

Hey Larry,
Thanks for the pro sheet yesterday. Helped very nicely yesterday! I got the first 3 races and got a huge return on Prized Icon in the 7th!!
Keep up the good work!!
Sent from my iPhone

Sam Y Derby Day(10.2016)

Hi Larry , George M ( Melbourne ) here.
As usual you provide us with compulsive reading and this `Spring Evaluation` article is outstanding . It`s highly motivational and no other service in Australia goes anywhere near ELITE….. honestly you guys are just like Winx versus the field.
Larry , I have been a satisfied member since May 2014 paying around $xx monthly . I think it`s about time I jump on board for a 12 month deal . Could you please let me know what the cost would be . Many thanks George

George M (10.2016)

Hi Larry,
I followed only the Pro Ratings today ( except the straight races) & most Pleased with the result, Thanks in the main to Prized Icon, top selecting mate. So, going $50 per investment picked up profit of $700, fantastic result for first day. Certainly more than paid for first month membership !!
You have great stuff here & I realise we are nowhere near full capacity until next Saturday, but still looking forward to Tuesday very much.

Perry L Derby Day(10.2016)

i just thought i would give my thoughts on thew profits of elite. i am an aged pensio0ner (nearly 80) and since the beginning of 2015 i have just cracked the 10000 barrier ave weekly profits in excess of 100. obviously my bets are restricted because of ltd income.why would anyone leave for dead grass on the other side of the fence regards les

Les R(09.2016)

Today was one for the ages. Biggest winning day I have ever had and it’s due to you and your unbeatable plans.

Graham T(09.2016)

Hi Larry ,thanks for the quaddie on Saturday (Mornington 2nd April 2016) nearly $20,000 in Qld.

Ron B(09.2016)

Hi Larry, I had a good pick up yesterday with First 4 in MR 8… Took 5% of payout on NSW tote on Luxbet
….around 36k…..(Mornington 2nd April 2016).

Mick P(08.2016)

Hello Larry, I joined on Friday and recouped my 12 month membership on the first day! Fantastic work – I feel so comfortable with Elite, friendly, available and love the amazing results and analysis that you provide.

James T(08.2016)

Thanks for all the extra work you do. Given the parlous state of world finances and stock markets, I think using a fantastic system like yours makes more and more sense every day. And you can quote me 🙂

Pemela S(08.2016)

Hi Larry n team. Well done again, it sounds like a record but its true. Another great day and article. I had a 88% return on investment which included main trifectas so as far as I am concerned “keep on keeping on”. I kicked my mates butt again so (golf punters club) “how sweet it was”, just loving it buddy.

Paula S A(07.2016)

WOW, GREAT, FANTASTIC, is only a few words to describe the great
$8.50 day and Super Saturday at Flemington. It’s the best couple of days I’ve ever had and such good odds.

Arthur W(07.2016)

I just want to make sure you have all your faculties and are in good health…….I have just renewed for 5 years and want to make sure you keep up the great service.

Jeff C(07.2016)

I got my 5 year membership back on my first day! (and I would have paid double after my mate’s relentless recommendations)

Bill S(07.2016)

What a professional outfit. I can see why you’ve outlasted the others. I feel part of an exclusive club and appreciate being able to talk to the boss at anytime. I was pleasantly surprised when you took an urgent call from me on a Saturday morning. Your winning strategies are a fabulous bonus.

Alfred D(07.2016)

Thanks Larry . You have made a great rating service even better. And that is no mean feat when Elite Ratings was already so good.

Michael B(07.2016)

Larry, I run a multi million dollar company and get hundreds of email a week, but if I see yours I read them first. I love what you do for us and I would follow you over a cliff if you said it will be ok. Thanks mate for giving me the excitement each week that I look forward too. I love the hunt with you and the catch is unbelievable. Keep up your great work.

Peter C(07.2016)

Hi Larry, Brilliant day, well done! $8.5k win. Keep them coming. Many thanks, Tim.

Tim P(07.2016)

What a day !! Put bets on this morning, had to go to Hospital to see brother, on way back pulled over and checked balance…. nicely in front with 5/6 bets to go. Then Grande Rosso and Washington Heights salute…
My best day since being a member !
Well done and thank you boys !

Steve J(06.2016)

Happy Holidays thanks to Larry & Team Elite .
My daughter living in London gave birth to a handsome baby boy last week.
I finished off with a very profitable 8 months to August so with winnings to splurge , I sent my wife overseas to be with her daughter and my little grandson .
Outstanding results again today Larry so the bank is building again.
Well done Legend Larry.
Many thanks again.
George M

George M(06.2016)

G’day Larry,
It would be remiss of me if I didn’t write and congratulate and thank you for an extraordinary days tipping at Caulfield yesterday.
Being a long term client, I always have a chuckle to myself about the galahs who criticize you and Elite on the few days that the going is tough, and leave Elite. I wonder how many winners they backed yesterday?
Again thanks to Elite, and I hope we continue to have a fantastic Spring.

Ken A

Ken A(06.2016)

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