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All the latest Elite Racing news

Why doesn’t Elite have Bookie ads?

If you want to be a part of a service that gets paid if you lose, then Elite is not for you. Elite continues to lead the way in the racing services industry by the length of the Flemington straight.

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My Bank is too Small

From time to time I hear: “my bank is too small to make a profit…” or “I only have $2000, I can’t bet to the $10k that you list so I will never win…” Along with members: not reading our

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From Mug to Pro with Elite

Self-Confessed mug-punter to Professional (Elite newsletter to members May 14th) I was talking to a long-term client this morning and he was explaining his massive turnaround from Horse punting basket-case to professional during his journey with Elite. He has applied

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How-To Series: Elite Pace Strategy

Elite Pace We know pace. We know which races will be won by swoopers and which ones will be on-pace and we know which horses are suited accordingly. It is not always a matter of fast pace = swoopers that’s

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How-To Series PACE Abbreviations

Elite Pace Abbreviations Horse Position in run We map all the runners with their expected position in the run denoted by letters. This is explained in the intro-pak and the image below was taken from there. Race Pace The pace

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