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Checklist for WINNING Punters

Today we look at the discipline required to win at punting even with the very best information.
Firstly, here is a checklist of non-negotiables required to become a winning punter.

Checklist of a WINNING Punter

Two punters can have access to exactly the same long-term proven winning selections yet one will win and the other will lose. The winner committed to the following non-negotiables. The loser has baulked at one or more – and it only takes one.

  • Make a genuine, full-hearted pledge to yourself to do what it takes to win at Horse punting.
  • Have access to profitable long term selections that are proven to win at level stakes over many hundreds of past actual tips. …Elite Racing Independently Voted 1 from 50 others for performance TICK
  • Have a strategy …Elite Racing’s Proven Winning Strategies TICK
  • Stick to the strategy and don’t second-guess any qualifying bet.
  • Bet the percentages as recommended.
  • Know in detail what past bad runs have looked like and know that they are an ongoing fact of life for any punter. …Elite Racing’s comprehensive auditable results TICK
  • Have a physical Bank. No bank means guaranteed failure. It is amazing how a bad day seems so insignificant when a REAL bank is in place.
  • Mug bets must be funded by a separate bank and EVERY ONE must be recorded. You will be amazed how these eat up the cash despite the occasional windfall. They can be good fun if the money won’t be missed.
  • Never mix up bets from other services or sources with Elite bets.

Elite Racing punters have a big head start with three of the nine boxes already ticked.

Just as important is this checklist of a WINNING RACING SERVICE

Winning Punters, Checklist for WINNING Punters