Checklist for WINNING Punters

Checklist for WINNING Punters

Today we look at the discipline required to win at punting even with the very best information. Firstly, here is a checklist of non-negotiables required to become a winning punter.

Checklist of a WINNING Punter

Two punters can have access to exactly the same long-term proven winning selections yet one will win and the other will lose. The winner committed to the following non-negotiables. The loser has baulked at one or more – and it only takes one.

  • Make a genuine, full-hearted pledge to yourself to do what it takes to win at punting.
  • Have access to profitable long term selections that are proven to win at level stakes over many hundreds of past actual tips. …TICK
  • Have a strategy …TICK
  • Stick to the strategy and don’t second-guess any qualifying bet.
  • Bet the percentages as recommended.
  • Know in detail what past bad runs have looked like and know that they are an ongoing fact of life for any punter. …TICK
  • Have a physical Bank. No bank means guaranteed failure. It is amazing how a bad day seems so insignificant when a REAL bank is in place.
  • Mug bets must be funded by a separate bank and EVERY ONE must be recorded. You will be amazed how these eat up the cash despite the occasional windfall. They can be good fun if the money won’t be missed.
  • Never mix up bets from other services or sources with Elite bets.

If all this looks like not much fun, a bit over the top or too regimented then maybe betting to make money is not a priority.

Aspiring to the top level in any field takes hard work and discipline but the rewards are great.
Elite-Level athletes are born with the same number of arms, legs and muscles as the rest of the population.
Elite Racing punters have a big head start with three of the nine boxes already ticked.

Just as important is this checklist of a WINNING RACING SERVICE


Here is more detail on the three check boxes that we have already ticked for you. 

Here is a pdf printout of every Top-Rated Ratio bet going back to January 2017.

You will notice light-red shaded areas that indicate the period between bank record highs where the draw-down was about 10% of the bank or more. Each new record bank high is indicated with white text on blue background.

Here is a list showing the 69 times when the Top-Ratio bets produced a new record bank high. ($10k bank betting on the whole lot. No increase of bets as the bank grows). Last week was the most recent record high bank.

It is a picture of 100% positiveness that conceals the day to day grind that punters have to work through  to achieve those returns.

Record Top-Ratio Bank Highs
New Bank Highs Top Ratio 10k Bank

Below is a section of the attached printout with explanatory notes to help you understand the shaded areas. Just looking at this image without studying the attached pdf is pointless.Looking at all that red gives one a mental image that I am sure is much more likely to be found if we were to dissect a punters brain. But all we have to do is mentally wipe out that ugly red image and replace with the sea of blue above. With that state of mind, the journey to unlimited profits is assured.This three-week Top-Ratio snapshot does demonstrate the hard yakka and level of discipline required to increase the bank.
Some punters are not up to it, some simply aren’t that into it. But those who are in it to win have to work though the emotional hurdles that are constantly served up to punters.

After all, despite all the red below, the bank has grown by 9.65% over that three weeks.
It has been a period of relatively low strike-rates and very low average winning odds for us so a near 10% capital gain is acceptable whilst we are waiting for the next record bank high.
$281 net profit per week in such a period is not to be sneezed at.

Sample of PDF Downs Ups

Every Top-Rated Ratio bet going back to January 2017 with drawdowns

The Top-Rated Ratio printout is self-explanatory but it has to be read and understood if you want to win in the long term.

The Top-Ratio concept is a winner because it is enhancing top-rated tips that are already producing double digit percentage profit on turnover year after year.

There are 1593 top-rated ratio bets in all.
970 are shaded red (runs where 10% or more of the bank was drawn down)
623 are in normal period where there was little draw-down between the new bank highs.

The Maximum draw-down is approx 25% of the bank – hell, there are many times where we WON more than that in one dayJust last week we won 23% ($2,389 in fact)!

It is the duration of some non-producing runs that is the killer. Some punters find it hard to press on after a couple of weeks of losses. Many of the red runs go on well into the second month.

With the elimination of the $10 bets and the $50 bets, the strike rates pick up and of course the losing periods are diminished. I have previously discussed the psychology behind betting on those if you need the action.