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From Mug to Pro with Elite

Self-Confessed mug-punter to Professional (Elite newsletter to members May 14th)

I was talking to a long-term client this morning and he was explaining his massive turnaround from Horse punting basket-case to professional during his journey with Elite.

He has applied the principles that we continually try to pass on to members. Apply a bank and stick to the percentages through thick and thin.

He explained how he carries around a passage from a past newsletter, words that finally enabled him to ‘see the light’ and get out of the mug betting cycle.

 I asked if he would share it with other members:

Hi Larry, it’s my pleasure. I refer to it often as a reminder that punting can be profitable.

Those who stick with the plan will win. Those who give up after a bad day or three will not. It really is that simple.

More meetings will win than lose and the winning meetings will win much more than the losing days.

We have no idea in advance which meetings will win but it does not matter because if you have that bank in place and bet percentages as listed you must win big with Elite in the long run.



Hugo explained that if he now bets outside his strategies, it is with very small amounts. He gets the same ‘interest’ from watching $5 go around as he used to when throwing a hundred here and two hundred there on random ‘mug’ bets.

We work long and hard and to help improve members’ punting and each story like that is what keeps us going after all these years.



Larry and Richard