How-To Series: Elite Pace Strategy

How-To Series: Elite Pace Strategy

Elite Pace Staking

The Elite-Pace Staking qualifiers are listed online and emailed each race-morning with the bet size assuming a $10k bank.


There can be two in a race sometimes (Pace Rated 1 and Pace Rated 2) however by concentrating on the top-rated ones (Pace Rate 1) that are greater than 1.0% of the bank (ie >$20 as listed in this image) the results have been consistently excellent every year going back to Jan 2013.

Elite-Pace-Top_rated-Strategy-2013-2017 PDF.

2017 (as at 30th Sept):
74 Bets, 24 Winners (32%) @ 5.00.
Net Profit: + $6537. That’s $726 net profit per month!



After many years’ development, Elite Racing offered the unique and industry leading ELITE-PACE concept. After successfully completing a highly profitable five-month public trial on Facebook in 2013-14 it is now restricted to Elite members only (yet another FREE bonus strategy).

This is an Australian first, a completely unique concept. It is so potent because of our extensive and exclusive understanding of:

  • Pace of race
  • Pace of horse
  • Speed map
  • Melbourne tracks’ individual idiosyncrasies.

We have all four in perfect harmony and it would take anyone else many years, if ever, to get to the stage we are at.

We know pace.

We know which races will be won by swoopers and which ones will be on-pace and we know which horses are suited accordingly. It is not always a matter of fast pace = swoopers that’s for sure.

Pace is not a new concept. Remember we were publishing Weekly Video Reports in the mid-nineties with our “Trend” horses and sectional-times analysis.

Our deep knowledge of pace, speed maps and race-dynamics has provided us with a huge advantage for decades and we do have to chuckle when we hear each new speed guru come along advertising their ignorance with massive over-emphasis of sectional times and plain misreading of speed maps in general.

The Elite-Pace concept has deliberately been kept simple without a long list of qualifying rules and sometimes horses qualify that you wouldn’t pick if you had five goes but it is just astonishing how many of those win. Our pure pace concept takes out all the pre-conceptions of what we think should happen according to form etc and we are often on well-placed horses that the media has completely missed and therefore the average odds of all winners is nearly $7.00 ($6.16 for On-Pace races and $7.29 for Swoop races).

The Elite-Pace Staking qualifiers are listed online and on the raceday email each race-morning.

This free product is worth the cost of an Elite Membership on its own!


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