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My Bank is too Small

From time to time I hear: “my bank is too small to make a profit…” or “I only have $2000, I can’t bet to the $10k that you list so I will never win…”

Along with members:

  • not reading our how-to instructions or newsletters
  • not actually applying a bank
  • not separating their ‘mug’ bets from their Elite bets,

this cop-out is the main excuse for members giving up whilst fellow members are winning.

A punter betting to a $1,000 bank will make exactly the same profit as a member betting to a $100,000 bank. Obviously the actual dollar amount will be different but the percentage profit on turnover and capital gain percentage is identical no matter what the bank.

We do list most strategies’ bets assuming a $10k bank. That is to make it simple to work out your bets according to your bank.