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Elite Multi Betting

Multi Betting – Exactas, Trifectas and First Fours

We are receiving a lot of queries in regards to the Elite Multi bets.
Each meeting we provide the “ALL-Rated” list including instructions how to shape our recommended Multi bet (3x9x9x12).

ALL Rated list Saturday 2nd May Mel.
Includes the results of the SUCCESSFUL Exactas, Trifectas and First Fours.
, Elite Multi Betting

We provided a list of successful multis to members the other day:
Successful Multis Nov 2019 to May 2020 pdf

I have now compiled the complete result set for this year.
At this stage we have only recorded a full unit bet on each Exacta, Trifecta and First-4. In reality, most members would be culling the First-4 because a 3x9x9x12 costs $1512.
With the flexi-bet you can have any proportion of that and not lose the spread.

The other option of course is to cut down on the selections.
A 2x9x9x10 for example costs about half of the $1512 but does not decrease the chances by that much. Each to their own there, whatever suits you personally.

In view of recent Filters and Overlay developments, we will be exploring to see if we can trim our system a bit and still maintain the strike-rates and profits.
Maybe we work out the combinations for each individual race and give race-specific guidance accordingly on the raceday messages.

Anyway, back to the 2020 results.

Here is a  pdf printout listing all Multi Bets as listed each raceday excluding races of less than 9 runners and the bush meetings.
Multi-Tips-2020-FULL-Unit-On-ALL  pdf

This summary (snapped from the pdf) gives you an idea of the power of the multi bets that you can only get by
using Elite selections and the recommended settings.
, Elite Multi Betting

49% first Fours @ $3,608, where else could you get that accuracy?

Flexi it down

We will be providing data that is more in line with most members betting banks such as say 6% flexi on the F4’s and say about 60% on the Trifectas to bring them back to $100 bets on each.

The 2020 profit for Tris and F4 based on those small flexi percentages is nearly $6,000.

From these raw statistics for 2020 and the pdf Elite Multi results 2020 printout, you can see why a lot of members swear by the multi bets.
That is why the All -Rated list including multi betting instructions has been a constant on the raceday message for decades.

Just another way to win big with Elite!