Colour Coding

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Twist of Fury $11.00 Metro-X winner

Great to back another long priced Metro-Express winner yesterday (Twist of Fury $11.00). The Metro-X added $740 net profit from the three bets at Sandown. Members are really enjoying the extra action midweek and especially the run of winning meetings.

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Weekend Combo Profit $2,200

Firstly, thank you for all the amazing feedback. Increasing the Combo Mel bank by 21.8% over the weekend was fantastic, not just in money terms but in the confidence it has given going forward. Here’s a sample (more below) Here are

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Multi Trick Pony

A member asked, “…Larry, I am surprised you don’t brag about the results of the several other strategies that are listed for us in the Master Spreadsheet on race-morning – Larry’s Best, % Bets, Top-Rated 6 Filter Bets, your colour

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Elite’s Unique Colour-Coding, 73% Winning Races

It was great to keep our 100% profitable-meetings (Elite-Filters) in 2021 record intact on the weekend. That’s seven meetings (Mel and Syd) and all have finished in profit.The January 2021 as-listed net profit now stands at $2,347.  Elite-Filters January 2021

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Elite Filters Hat Trick at Pakenham

It was great to get three winners from three Elite-Filter bets at Pakenham at $5.00, $3.60 and $2.50. However, I do realise that many of us heeded the race-morning warning too keep an eye on the wind and diluted our

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Elite Colour Coding Main Chances

Our Colour-Coding strategy is showing 81% net profit with 7 winning days from 8 so far. We are building up some serious data for the Mel colour-coding with eight completed meetings over the past five weeks. We have colour-coded 76

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