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Elite Racing Strategies Review

Elite Strategies


The upgrade of the strategies has been completed.

The Metro-Express, Platinum and Elite-Suite have completely re-worked spreadsheets so that you can analyse using the resultant data from the current algorithms applied to the actual race-morning raw data that we record as we go and never change.
You can glean a good insight as to how the strategies performed under the current structure over the 16 month period going back to January 2021.

Once you have studied the data provided, you should have a good idea what suits YOU best. Even without the spreadsheet data, you have access to very detailed PDF printouts.



Adelaide Metro-Express

In January we started listing Adelaide Metro-Express bets separately from the other states as well as discontinuing that source from Platinum and Elite Suite.
Adelaide Metro-X bounced back and I am happy that, overall, it is a rich source for the Metro-X as well as the Platinum/E-Suite.
It is back in the game with the best Adl Metro-Express bets contributing as was originally the case. If you have decided not to bet Adelaide contributors then simply ignore the SA qualifiers.



Just some general tightening of some filters but no great change there.
The current algorithm strike-rate is 43% and the profit rate is 70% over 334 qualifying bets. The PDFs break it down to Sat/MW and each state.



The Platinum Strategy is better defensively now. It was vulnerable in the circumstances that conspired against us in the early months of 2022.. Less bets overall now and less net profit but the strike rate is better and it is a safer plan than before.



The Elite-Suite has a similar number of bets now as before but the quality is much better. It is an idea meant to bring the main strategies together so they can be bet from one bank. Unfortunately when trying to keep the plan to a manageable maximum daily bet total we went too far with culling rules and missed many contributing bets that won. Those winners would have made the ride so far – and bottom line – so much different.

We have taken a different approach to keeping a lid on the possible maximum daily bet total. You will notice from the pdfs and spreadsheet that we have set a limit of 1.6% for the biggest Elite-Suite bet. That bet-cap allows us to let many of those otherwise-rejects through.
The maximum outlay-day for the current Elite-Suite is 18% but the average is less than 7%.


Elite-Suite bets that Platinum missed

I have studied the Elite Suite to isolate bets that were not Platinum qualifiers.
This only applies to Saturday class meetings because Platinum does not bet at the midweekers.

The Elite-Suite (current algo) produced 190 bets (Jan 2021 to now) that were not Platinum bets. Taksu at Randwick last Saturday is the most recent example.

The strike-rate of those non-Platinum Elite-Suite bets is 32% at the average odds of $5.41. The net profit is 67%.


Which Plan?

There are a lot of good bets within the Elite-Suite that the Platinum plan misses. For that reason, my personal preference is the Elite-Suite.
I know it got off to the worst start possible but it has been fixed. It has the potential to double the bank quicker than Platinum did in that great run last year.

  • It has 50% more bets than Platinum.
  • It makes 38% more net dollar profit.
  • Nearly all Platinum bets become Elite-Suite bets. All of the 288 Platinum bets are incorporated into the Elite Suite for consideration. Only 10 of those Platinum qualifiers were rejected by the Elite Suite filters over 16 months.

The current Elite-Suite is not infallible and still struggled in late January through Feb this year with a 20% bank drop.
Check the pdf and /or spreadsheet out, it is a much better plan now.



We always maintained that periodical reviews and upgrades to these newer strategies would happen.
Although a massive amount of work has gone into this review and the end result is extremely promising, raceday messages will look and feel the same.

The updated algorithms started profitably last weekend. I am sure that is just the start of long-term more stable and even more profitable era betting with these comparatively new Elite Strategies.



Platinum 2021-2022 Master Online Excel to April 25th 2022

Elite Suite 2021-2022 Master Online Current Algorithm Excel to April 25th 2022

Metro-Express 2021-2022 Master Online Excel to 25th April 2022


Pdf Printouts 2021-2022



Platinum 2021-2022 Current Algorithm Pdf

Platinum 2021-2022 Current Algorithm VIC Pdf

Platinum 2021-2022 Current Algorithm NSW Pdf

Platinum 2021-2022 Current Algorithm SA Pdf


Metro Express

Metro-Express-2021-2022 Current Algorithm Pdf

Metro-Express-2021-2022 Current Algorithm SATURDAY Class Meetings Pdf

Metro-Express-2021-2022 Current Algorithm MIDWEEK Meetings Pdf

Metro-Express-2021-2022 Current Algorithm VICTORIA Pdf

Metro-Express-2021-2022 Current Algorithm NSW Pdf

Metro-Express-2021-2022 Current Algorithm SA Pdf



Elite Suite-2021-2022 Current Algorithm Pdf

Elite Suites-2021-2022 Current Algorithm SATURDAY Class Meetings Pdf

Elite Suites-2021-2022 Current Algorithm MIDWEEK Meetings Pdf

Elite-Suite-2021-2022 Current Algorithm NSW Pdf

Elite-Suite-2021-2022 Current Algorithm VIC Vic

Elite-Suite-2021-2022 Current Algorithm SA Pdf



Larry and Ric.