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Nationwide-Best Bets – Big Double Header

Nationwide members sticking to their guns got the big reward over the Christmas weekend.
It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were discussing the down run of Nationwide-Best bets. All plans have the ups and downs and if you miss the big “up” runs it seriously affects the long-term.

December 24th and 26th Double Header ($10k bank stats)


Saturday:             + $1,240
Monday:              +    $ 80

Net:                       + $1,320
5 winners from 10 bets.

Nationwide Top-2 Strategy:

Saturday:             +    $475
Monday:              + $1,340

Net:                       + $1,815
Top-2 races found the winner in 12 of the 15 races!


ALL Top-Rated Selections December 2022

It has been a month of weak racing overall and it is hard to be confident with such unreliable horses.
The following summary came as quite a surprise.


Sydney Top-Rated December

27 Top-Raters
7 winners (26%) @ 5.53
Net Profit ($100 lev bet): $1,170


Melbourne Top-Rated December

31 Top-Raters
15 winners (48%) @ 3.15
Net Profit ($100 lev bet): $1,620

Backing all top-raters is not a strategy but these stats demonstrate accurate selections despite the low-class animals going around.



Some members are betting on multiple plans and from time to time, the bets in a race seem in conflict with each other.
Don’t cross-reference between plans. A bet from one plan has no correlation with a qualifier for another plan.
You must have a bank for plan A and a separate bank for plan B. Each bank must make its own way regardless of what the other plan is doing.


Eachway Strategy

We are applying the finishing touches to the Eachway Strategy. We hope to get it started on Jan 1st 2023 but it is possible that it may be the following Saturday.
We will provide details as soon as we can.

Here are all the qualifiers for 2021 and 2022 showing 74% collect rate and an EACH-WAY profit rate of + 65%!
This plan is perfect for members who like to bet each-way and collect on three out of four bets.

Mel Master-Pro Eachway Strategy Pdf.



Larry and Richard