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Elite Filters

The Elite-Filters is the main betting strategy.
The qualifiers are mostly top-raters but we do bet down the list occasionally when we have a high-risk Top-Rater.
The bets are listed separately on the raceday messages with the recommended bet- ready to bet.

Elite Ratings TOP-Rated

The Elite Top-Rated are listed on the raceday email and online. They can also be found in the raceday Pro-Sheet pdf and the Raceday Excel Spreadsheet.

Betting EVERY Top-Rated tip makes a level stakes profit but we have always been aware of several circumstances where it is too dangerous to bet. Please refer to the blog:
Elite-top-picks-2014-2020 where we show how to increase the average monthly net profit (2014-2020) from $40 to $400 with six simple filters.

Overlay Betting

With the constant supply value-priced winners it is not surprising that many members apply a bank to bet the overlays.

Two blogs are essential reading if you are interested in betting on runners that are over the Elite Rated odds.
Red Hot Value

Overlay Betting Results Update

From customer feedback after those blogs, the most popular overlay set-up seems to be to concentrate on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rated horses (The Top-Raters are taken care of by the Elite-Filters Strategy). The AM (morning) Odds that we list must be equal or greater than the Elite Rated Odds and a minimum odds requirement of say $5.00. No need to watch odds during the day.
That configuration is now $19,935 in profit in 2020 (as at 30th June).
67% Profit on Turnover over from 298 bets.
It is low strike-rate (so there can be runs of outs) but the average odds are in excess of $10. I would recommend a very low level-stakes outlay of say 0.25% of your bank. Don’t worry about betting to prices, level stakes gets the same results.

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Elite MULTI Betting

When you are a member of a service that constantly finds huge winners in the top-3 rated, the opportunity for profitable multi-betting is enormous.

Elite’s Multi dominance goes back to the nineties when the “Trifecta Power” computer program became available. The in early 2000’s the “Elite-Multi App” led the way. They are no longer available (to preserve the dividends).
Our methods have always been at odds with long-held Exacta, Trifecta and First-4 ‘theories”. That is why Elite members hold a distinct edge in this market.

Two recent blogs explain the famous Elite-Multi betting strategy.

Elite Multi Betting

Elite Multi Betting $39,000 F4 Step-By-Step

Just remember, apply a bank to each of the multi types that you choose to bet on (Exacta, Tri, F4) and bet a very small percentage.
Our plan gets nearly 50% collects but not all are profitable. Multi profits come down to a number of big collects. There can be runs of outs where the divs are less than required.

Why is Elite so successful with pace and speed maps?

Elite is famous for ‘getting’ pace. There are a million sectional time ‘experts’ out there but their simple theories fall well short of what we provide Elite punters.

If you do not know the track “bias” BEFORE the meeting you cannot hope to win. Our unique and deep knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of each distance at each Melbourne track under every possible variable has been gleaned from nearly 30 years of study. It is one of Elite’s biggest advantages over the other services who talk a lot about pace but do not understand it properly. They certainly cannot hope to apply any systematic process specifically tailored to each individual race/horse scenario that can throw up numerous variables peculiar only to  ‘that’ race.
Our race morning race-dynamics concept continues to be prove a real game changer. It is just so accurate. We know in advance what is likely to happen in each race as far as “bias” goes.

During the meeting the ‘experts” are scratching their heads saying: “it’s a leaders’ track, now it’s a swoopers track, don’t go near the rail, whoops that was a great rails winning ride…” They get totally confused and it is something that they should know before the meeting starts.
Remember, we were producing the famous Elite Video Reports throughout the nineties long before the new age experts ‘discovered’ pace and sectionals. As an Elite member you are getting the value of this exclusive knowledge in the form of a constant flow of good priced winners which are, in real time, producing big raceday profits week after week.

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Elite Value in Melbourne

We achieve amazing accuracy on a constant basis because, for 30 years straight, we have concentrated solely on Saturday Class races where there is massive value. Let us do all the work. We get more winners and at much better odds and the simplicity at your end belies the power under the bonnet at this end.
Don’t put up with an inferior service. I can promise an Elite Racing experience. One that you hoped to find but never really believed was out there.

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Elite punters are winning!

An Elite Racing membership is easily the best racing package available for Melbourne and Sydney racing. You have the accuracy and value of Elite Ratings selections proven over 30 years blended into a simple to use raceday super-plan that produces continuous high profits. Our race-dynamics configuration lifts profits into the stratosphere.

You can join the Elite Winners right now. Memberships start from less than $14 per week. We are famous for going the extra mile to look after members and give professional punting guidance all the way. You become a member of a winning club and your success is the only thing that matters. If you succeed so do we. That’s why we have led the way for 28 years.  You can start betting with confidence at the very next Melbourne meeting!

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