Elite Multis: Super Titus $39,000 First 4 Step By Step

After our Super-Titus $39,000 F4 and $2,900 Tri last Saturday, many members are asking for further clarification of our Elite Multi method.

I have updated the instruction in the Intro Pak to include more examples so you can follow step by step as to how our Elite Multi System works in real time.
Following is a copy of the full instruction from the Intro-Pak.

Firstly, here are the actual results (pdf and Excel) for 2020 showing:

52% exactas @        $58 average div,
49% Trifectas @       $510 average div and
49% First Fours @    $4,173 average div.

Multi-Betting-MEL-2020 $100 Flexi Exacta Tri and F4 Results  pdf

Multi-Tips-2020-FULL-Unit-On-ALL  pdf

Multi-Betting-MEL-2020  Excel

I encourage members to audit these results from the raceday lists that get saved and archived for you each race morning.
Spot check any day and you will see the results listed are exactly as per the All-rated list (with Multi betting instructions) as uploaded on race morning.

Intro-Pak Instruction and Examples

Each raceday message (online, email and app) includes the “ALL-Rated” list for each rated race.
This is where members go to source their Multi betting action for the day.

The instructions below the list is our recommended method of setting up your multi bets.

Here is how a typical  All-Rated Multi sheet looks after the results are filled in.
, Elite Multis: Super Titus $39,000 First 4 Step By Step

The $17k div was $28k in NSW but we stick to Vic Divs for consistency.

Boxing a number of horses is dumb.
That is what the other 99% of punters do and it plays into our hands.

Race 8 would have been a winner for a box-5 but the other three winning multis that we got at Sandown relied on the wide net we set for the placings.

If we hadn’t found Flying Sardine (2nd Race 4 at 50/1) in our five rated selections she would have been right at the bottom of the list in tenth place (longest odds in the race). We take nine for second and third and would have missed the $17,000 F4.

Multi Betting Success comes down to:

  • finding the winner in the top-3 Rated
  • including the right longshots in the top-5
  • having the net spread to nab the Pacodalis (Race 9-1) well down the list.

We do all that that for you with uncanny consistency.

Example: Race 8 above

Three to WIN:      9-5-1
For Second:         9-5-1 PLUS six more to make NINE: 14-12-17-2-16-11
For Third:             same as second:
For Fourth:          9-5-1-14-12-17-2-16-11  PLUS three more to make twelve: 13-7-18

It is up to each member to decide whether to cull numbers and what flexi bet amount they choose.
If culling, work from the bottom eg: if you only want to take seven for second, 16 and 11 would miss that spot.
Maybe you only want to take two horses to win, it’s your call.

Example 2: Saturday May 16th 2020 Flemington

This is the All-Rated list from Saturday 16th May 2020.

, Elite Multis: Super Titus $39,000 First 4 Step By Step

Our 3x9x9x12 system got three first fours, three trifectas and five Exactas.

 $39,000 First Four

Let’s see how we got that $39,000 first four and $2,900 trifecta collect in race 7:

Three to WIN:         5-4-1
For Second:           5-4-1 PLUS six more to make NINE: 11-2-13-15-3-6
For Third:               same as second: 5-4-1-11-2-13-15-3-6
For Fourth:             5-4-1-11-2-13-15-3-6 PLUS three more to make twelve: 9-7-12


Number 5   Won (Super Titus $17.00, top-rated)
Number 6   came second (Mahamedeis $31)
Number 13 came third (Chapada $11)
Number 1   came fourth (Carzoff $18)

Elite Multis May 2020 So far

This is a list of a $100 Flexi Bet on all qualifying Elite Multi Bets in May so far.

, Elite Multis: Super Titus $39,000 First 4 Step By Step

Flemington tomorrow could be a problematic win betting day, just the scenario to catch some more big multis!
But you do need those big priced winners in the top-3, that’s where Elite comes in.