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Platinum bank doubles this season already

Thank you all for the amazing feedback after yet another bookie smashing day for the Platinum.
Coming home with a 1.5% on a $20 winner (Triple Ace, R-10 at Randwick) was the perfect finish.

We have officially doubled the bank this season (seven meetings) and that’s with just 50 bets at the very conservative average bet size of 1.55% of the bank.

, Platinum bank doubles this season already


Quick Break

This quick note is to let you know that the Elite office will be mostly unattended for a few days. Time for a quick recharge.

We will try to answer your emails mid next week.

Urgent emails will be attended to same day of course.

Don’t forget, we have an extra meeting with full coverage – Moonee Valley on Friday night (24th)


Thanks again for the fantastic feedback,


Larry and Richard


Feedback examples:

, Platinum bank doubles this season already

Allen has smashed them. Note that Triple Ace was Platinum qualifier, Bella Nipotina Elite Combo.

I stress that the other two were not main strategies’ bets.
She’s Ideel and Sierra Sue were very highly rated selections with a ‘pro-strategy’ recommended bet but that is not a main strategy so I am not sure of Allen’s reasoning there.

The point is, the Platinum and the Elite Combo bet have boosted his account enormously.

, Platinum bank doubles this season already