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13 Winning Days This Season – from 14

Betting all five systems as-listed added another $2,688 net profit over the past week (Wed, Fri and Sat).

Platinum:   + $805,  Metro-X:  + $438, E-Combo Mel-Syd: + $1,565, Adelaide A:  – $120

Collectively, the five plans have produced excellent profits at 13 of the 14 meetings this season so far.

Like the previous week, the winners certainly did not turn up in any predictable order. Last week most of the returns came late in the day and on Saturday it was the early bets that produced the most profit. You just have to have the net spread properly and wait patiently.


Even with just a $1000 bank allocated to each plan, the net profit is $2,395.

The Platinum stands at 9 winning days from 9 this season so far and has seen the bank increase 115%.

A $10,000 bank is now $21,030 and the average bet approx 1.55%.

Even a $1,000 Platinum bank has averaged $122 net profit at each meeting this season. Bet size average just $15.


, 13 Winning Days This Season – from 14


Results Reference
Here is where to check the stats and complete results printouts up to and including Saturday 25th September.
Go through and check each list against your bets.

Platinum Results

Metro-Express Results

Mel Combo Results

Syd Combo Results

Checklist of a WINNING Punter

From feedback nearly all members are achieving the results above. Some even report doing better with smart use of bonus bets and boosted odds (which I do not have access to so can’t help you with).

In case there are any members not getting the same returns, I have repeated this checklist.
There are nine non-negotiables and we have already three of them covered.

, 13 Winning Days This Season – from 14

Larry and Ric

, 13 Winning Days This Season – from 14

, 13 Winning Days This Season – from 14

, 13 Winning Days This Season – from 14