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Nine out of Nine this season so far

Betting all main strategies as-listed has produced excellent profits at every one of the nine meetings this season so far.

This is part of an email received from Mark M. (The complete copy at the end of this newsletter)

“…As from the 4/8 I started a bank for all systems now in play followed your % and have not lost since the 4/8. I do expect to have a losing run at some stage. What I would like to recommend to all your followers is get on board with all systems the way they are playing even if one or two are not producing the others are and helping to create a winning day overall…”

Let’s look at the five main strategies during that period.

, Nine out of Nine this season so far

Adelaide A Bets
Metro-Express bets
Platinum Bets
Elite Combo Mel
Elite Combo Syd

We are rapt with the Adelaide “A” bets. We held off during that run of heavy tracks but it is great to have such strong contribution from that extra source.
Four of the five A bets won for us on Saturday. That makes 7 from 12 this season.

It is great to see that Sydney is making the biggest percentage profit of the five plans.
Apart from the Elite-Combo Sydney bets, members are enjoying the big priced top-rated winners like Love Tap at $13 in race 10 on Saturday. Not to mention the $21,783 first four in race 4 where 2nd rated Dalaalaat won at $12.30.
Always Sure was another great top-rated winner recently at $15.80

Exciting times for Elite members, bring on Wednesday.

Larry and Ric

, Nine out of Nine this season so far