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August Bottom Line

MELBOURNE: 61% Top-Rated winners!

Elite’s Top-Rated strike rate has gone through the roof.
16 top-rated winners from 26 top-rated selections.
That’s 61.5% winning strike rate and the average odds of the winners was $3.99.

Elite Ratings Mel August 2021: TOP-Rated
, August Bottom Line

A $100 level bet on each one produced $3,784 net profit (145% pto).
$100 for the place made 45% net profit on turnover
Top-rated betting is not an Elite strategy but such accurate tips underpin the main strategies.


Wet Tracks?

We will provide an analysis of dry tracks v wet tracks in a coming newsletter, hopefully later this week.

Melbourne Elite Combo August 2021

25 bets, 8 winners @ $4.45.
Bet $4,020, Return $8,441,
Aug PROFIT + $4421  (+ 110%)

The Elite-Combo was overhauled earlier in the year and that version went live on April 24th 2021. The bank has increased nearly 50% since then.

Sydney Elite Combo August 2021

9 bets, 3 winners @ $8.70.
Bet $1,400, Return $4,820,
Aug PROFIT + $3,420  (+ 244%)

We are still reviewing Sydney with the view to an Elite-Combo algorithm upgrade. In particular we want to be able to let more potential qualifiers through at the strong meetings at non-city tracks like Kembla.


The Platinum strategy added another $618 to the bottom line on Saturday. That’s a clean sweep of profitable days for August:

23 bets, 11 winners @ $6.11.
Bet $3,900, Return $10,841,
Aug PROFIT + $6,941  (+ 178%)

Platinum August 2021
, August Bottom Line

Metro-Express August 2021

Two M-X bets since last Saturday for two winners.

17 bets, 7 winners @ $3.51.
Bet $2,410, Return $3,796,
Aug PROFIT + $1,386  (+ 58%)

Metro-Express Aug 2021
, August Bottom Line


No Adl A-Bets on Saturday. It was great to get a few good winners on top: Exalted Ambition $4.00, Tommy Blue $11.00 and Second Slip $2.00.
We are building up data and should see a lot more action with the Adelaide-A bets in the coming weeks.

2021-2022 Season So Far


Here are the individual strategy lists of bets for the season so far.

, August Bottom Line

, August Bottom Line

Mel Elite-Combo
, August Bottom Line

Sydney Elite-Combo
, August Bottom Line

Thanks again for all the amazing feedback.

There is some fantastic racing coming up.

Larry and Ric

, August Bottom Line