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E4-Suite; Great Start

It was a particularly tough day on Saturday but the E4-Suite got away to a terrific start making $558 net profit ($10k bank).
There were three winners (Lyrical Lad $4.40, Horrifying $2.80 and Chain of Lightning $4.80) from the six betting races.

From the feedback it seems that the great majority of Elite members have followed our strong recommendation from last week’s newsletter:

From Aug-2nd Newsletter…


The E4-Suite picks itself as the King of Elite Strategies.

If you were previously betting the Platinum or Elite-Suite and are now unsure of which plan/s to use, make the E4-Suite your first choice.

It is ready to go and we know it will out-perform all of its contributing components (Mel/Syd Combo, Platinum, Elite-Suite and Mel-Pro).
You will have Elite’s best strategies working from one bank – simple!

Q:           What happens with Elite-Suite, do I keep a bank for that?

A:            Each individual member must decide on which plan/s they implement and what bank to allocate to each. Ric and I will be strongly committed to the E4-Suite to the exclusion of the other win strategies…”



The Right Sources

The new Mel-Pro concept was the only contributing source common to all three E4-Suite winners at Flemington.
There were five “A” grade (ie, $100 +) Mel Pro bets marked on your Mel raceday Pro-Sheet (and the spreadsheet). Three of those won.

That new plan made $812 net profit on its first live day!
eliteracing professional betting strategy E4-Suite, E4-Suite; Great Start

Our research showed us that combining the four contributing plans (Mel/Syd Combo, Platinum, Elite-Suite and Mel-Pro) is the ultimate mix to grab almost all Elite winners.

Time and time again during the 2021-2022 research period, the E4-Suite performed strongly when the individual sources struggled – like Saturday.

Chain Of Lightning wasn’t mentioned in any Strategy other than Mel-Pro so it is a great example of the new E4-Suite at work.



Two Bets in a Race

Some punters are set in their ways. One thing that some find hard is to bet on more than one horse in a race. One argument is that you are certain to back a loser. Well der!

The E4-Suite can produce two bets in a race and (rarely) three in a race. Here is an analysis of the single-bet races v the two and three bet races.


One bet races:

504 races, 504 bets. 105 winners (38.7%).
Bet $67,860, Return $111,074,
Profit $43,214 (+ 63.7%)


Two bets per race:

73 races, 146 bets. 58 winners (40% winners/bets, 80% winners/races).
Bet $19,440, Return $33,912,
Profit $14,472 (+ 74.4%).


Three bets per race:

2 races, 6 bets. 1 winner.
Bet $750, Return $660,
Loss $90 (- 12%)

Overall there are 656 bets from 579 races.
That’s 1.133 bets per race on average.


254 winners
39% winners to bets
44% winners to races.



Larry and Richard