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Live Profits with Elite’s betting Strategies and horse racing tips

Our Platinum Strategy and the Mel and Syd Elite Combo strategies have Live Profits with Elite’s betting Strategies, as-listed data for the complete 2021-2022 racing season. Both produced excellent profits for members.

Platinum Strategy As-Listed Aug 1st 2021 to July 16th 2022: + $6,604,
Mel/Syd Combo As Listed Aug 1st 2021 to July 16th 2022: + $5,348.

These are not some dreamed up figures from nowhere. They are real life, real time, auditable as-listed-at-the-time profits produced by those plans from a $10k bank over a full racing season.

We keep accurate as-listed data so you can check. Any member could even go back through each raceday and audit. All the meetings are up online exactly as presented on race morning.

We now have stronger algorithms in place than the majority of the 2021-2022 season period that produced those excellent live profits above.

We are totally committed and are working harder than ever for you. We will have completed our Big3 concept before the new season starts. We have no doubt that our Big3 combination of our main strategies will smash those real-time profit figures out of the park in the coming season and add to the Live Profits with Elite’s betting Strategies.

More to come over the next two weeks!

Larry and Ric


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