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Elite Nationwide-Best begins

The Nationwide-Best service went live on Saturday – the replacement service for members of Metro-Express, Adelaide and InForm.

Members didn’t miss the success of the Top-2 rated from the ratings sheets provided for Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and wondered if we have done work in that area.

Yes, we have.

Firstly, the net profit of a level $100 bet on all the top-2 rated on Saturday was $1,580.

Here are the 14 top-2 rated winners from the 27 rated races on Saturday.

, Elite Nationwide-Best begins

, Elite Nationwide-Best begins

, Elite Nationwide-Best begins


We have a Top-2 idea which works on the ratings sheets that we provide Nationwide-Best members.
It is not wise to bet top-2 on every rated race, there are many races that should be ignored. We know which ones.

We’ll mark the future rating sheets so you know when to go in with the top-2 and when to stay out.


Top-2 Results and Stats for 2022

TOP-2 Betting on Nationwide Ratings 2022 Saturdays Pdf


The winner is found in 53% of races:
, Elite Nationwide-Best begins


Join in the fun!

If you are not yet a Nationwide-Best member it is very easy to join the winners – and cheap!  

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