Checklist for a WINNING Racing Service

In our previous blog, we set out a check-list of non-negotiables to become a WINNING Punter.
Today we list  the minimum requirements that a Racing Service must have before you should even consider joining.


  • MUST have a long-term record of honesty and integrity.

    • You don’t lead the way for 30 years like Elite Racing without this basic, hugely important quality. One lie and you are out of there.
  • MUST have accurate selections are proven to make a profit year after year at level stakes.

    • Elite Ratings Top-Rated tips make double digit profit year after year (+16% past two years).
    • Elite was independently voted number 1 from 50 other services.
  • MUST Provide Accurate Results and Analysis

    • Spreadsheets of our ratings and tips are listed online for members on race-morning and that base data never changes. The results are added after the event. Members can audit in the knowledge that the data is exactly what was provided pre-race..
    • Members can access archived race-day sheets to double check and audit everything we present to them and the public.
    • We even provide the formulas that are used to calculate the strategy qualifiers.
    • Nothing short of absolute transparency.
  • Must tip winners at value average winning odds.

    • Elite’s WINNING top-rated tips average close to $5.00 each. Other services would love to lift their average up to $4.00 but fall well short.
    • Our Specials (Larry’s Best) winners average $4.80 each!
    • Don’t join a service to be tipped the bleeding obvious.
    • We use official betting odds for our results (Best of Top-Flucts or three totes)
      • We get feedback that some very high profile services claim made-up prices that no one could have possibly got in real time. Members of those services get very angry at this blatant dishonesty that enables false claims of profits that were really losses.
  • Must have a proven powerful strategy to maximise the returns of profitable base selections.

    • Elite provides a simple to use, ready-to-bet winning strategy that uses the already profitable top-rated how to win on horse racing as its base.
  • Must look after members AFTER the sale.

    • We are the length of Flemington straight ahead already with the above checks, ADD our legendary customer service and we have lapped them.
    • Our punters must win (see ‘no bookie ads”) so we go above and beyond to make sure that happens.
  • MUST provide ongoing guidance and education.

    • Elite never stops educating members with newsletters that matter and industry-leading results and analysis that makes sense and inspires.
  • MUST NOT be affiliated with Bookies!

    • Racing services who get a commission if you lose must be avoided like the plague. It is in their interest that you lose because they get 25% of your losses in commission.
    • The income for losing service can be massive and its financed by you losing on their tips.
    • We hear stories of service providers death-riding their own tips because of the payday if it loses.

    Elite Racing has all the boxes ticked.

We are here for punters who are ready to step up and start betting to win and want a service they can trust.
Be very wary of signing up to any service that cannot pass any of the above check-list.
It makes no difference if they charge $10 a week or $1,000 per week, it would be a donation.


Checklist of a WINNING Punter

Check out the absolute non-negotiables required to become a consistent winning punter.